IGN review of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

Daemon Hatfield writes for IGN:

"A lot more care and effort has been put into Homestar Ruiner than most WiiWare offerings. It feels very much like a product of the Chapmans. As a point-and-click game it doesn't do anything ground breaking, but all of the window dressing is fantastic. If you've never watched Homestar Runner I would recommend checking out the web cartoons, first. Strong Bad's Cool Game is full of inside jokes and doesn't introduce newcomers to this wacky world. If you are already a fan, though, you've got yourself a must-download. It's a short experience and I'm tempted to say the $10 price tag is a bit much. The PC version is only $9. But if you download all five WiiWare episodes you'll have spent $50 for a full-length game, which is normal. I can't wait to see what Strong Bad has in store for us next."

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