"We have enough game ideas to do about 10 'Geo Wars' games", says dev

Speaking with MTV Multiplayer last week, Bizarre Creations dev Stephen Cakebread said that the team has "enough game ideas to do Geometry Wars for probably about ten games."

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Fishy Fingers3781d ago

So we dont bother using the correct headline or caption anymore?

Rhezin3781d ago

I don't see any superstardust sequels. Kno why? BECAUSE IT'S A CHEAP RIPOFF OF GEOMETRY WARS. Don't try to say it isn't cuz Geometry wars came out with the 360 in 2005

PirateThom3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

And Super Stardust came out in 1994.

And Stardust came out in 1993.

Try again... :)

Mike Bowden3781d ago

They should quit while they're ahead I reckon. Don't want a great franchise getting stale.