TGR's Game Lobby: Fear and Grand Theft Auto Edition

TGR - "Of course, while it may be easy for me to abstain from Grand Theft Auto 4 sessions in my personal gaming life, in the case of politicians and government officials, the opposite has proven true, as the game remains in these individuals' crosshairs as the root cause for society's ills, not only in the United States, but abroad as well.

The root of the controversy can be attributed to an incident in Thailand where a taxi driver was murdered by Polwat Chino, a 19-year-old Thai teenager. Blame for the murder was attributed to the popular video game and the teenager reportedly admitted his addiction to the title in question. Additional information about the event can be found in an article aptly titled 'Grand Theft Auto blamed for Thai taxi driver murder.'"

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cain1413477d ago

I don't see what the huge political uproar is over this game. As a whole it's not as bad as its made out to be...

Relin3477d ago

There's a weird hypocrisy surrounding GTA: those that fear what the game offers call for it to be banned (out of sight, out of mind), but do so very publicly. Either these people are wholly ignorant of what media coverage does, or they have ulterior motives.

My vote's on the latter.

thegamereviews3477d ago

Rockstar has to be loving all the free press really

cain1413477d ago

I bet...

The more you say no the more people want something...

Grasty3477d ago

I am really getting tired of people blaming video games for these kinds of things. Eventually everyone will realize that it isnt the video games causing the problems. And if it is, you have to be pretty messed up in order to start copycatting the games.

gillman3477d ago

Countless studies have shown that video games do not cause violence, and may also reduce their urges as well. This is just fear mongering that people like to bring up during election years.