Did Penny Arcade take it too far with Fatal1ty dick move?

Sarcastic Gamer Podcast! regulars take issue with the stunt/goof pulled recently by Penny Arcade's Gabe and Tycho. In response to an E for All press release announcing Fatal1ty would be appearing at the convention, Penny Arcade countered with their own release announcing his absence.

The hosts ask whether Penny Arcade thinks before they speak, and whether they've gotten too cool for the room with all of the money they've earned over the years.

Also at issue, whether their harsh wording in the Press Release was worth slamming a fellow entrepreneur who'd never done anything to them.

Discussion begins at 15:05 in episode 51

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dachiefsman3778d ago

does anybody know what they said about fatal1ty? I think gabe and tyco poke fun at everyone including themselves kind of like South Park.

LuigiLogik3778d ago

I haven't heard it yet(i am a regular listener) but i thought i'd just get this in first... If anyone in the world should understand what Penny Arcade was doing it should be a group that calls themselves "Sarcastic Gamers" seriously WTF? if they were honestly offended by it then they should change their name to PC whiners... i think they may have have just been joking around themselves (i'll listen to it at work today and find out) but if their actually serious about it then i think i may just stop listening to their podcast and visiting their site. I'm betting it was Doc that said it though, he's kinda been pussonified as of late.

JSA-Gamer3778d ago

I agree with the SG guys. I thought, no matter what their beef with E for All, and no matter what people think of Fatal1ty, you just don't expect video game people to throw another under the buss like that.

It came across to me as a bit mean spirited.

It made the PA guys look petty, like a bunch of High school jocks making fun of the nerds... which is ironic considering how nerdy the PA guys are to begin with.

PimplePopperMD3778d ago

id smoke his 'professional gaming' ass in metropolis street racer. or cdo:uo. anytime, fatality, you nerd

Xlll3778d ago

lol they are upset over a small goof on Fatal1ty? Really? Who the hell cares? It is a joke, and really FPS camp.....yeah that's a great idea. Learn from an overrated FPS player.

JEDIaNIN3778d ago

So why are we surprised