"Enhanced" Alone in the Dark for PS3 at Leipzig

Leipzig will have an enhanced version of Alone in the Dark for the PS3.

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DarkSniper3480d ago

It's refreshing to know that Microslaves were snubbed once again from receiving the true AAA version of Alone in the Dark. It appears that only PLAYSTATION®3 hardware meets the criteria for the developers at Atari to reach their full vision.

Microslaves once again got their money laundered out of them as they paid 60.00 full retail price for a simple beta of Alone in the Dark. Dark Sniper is sure that Atari laughed their way to the bank since Microslaves are so gullible and easy to cheat money away from.


Drekken3480d ago

Most the time I chuckle at your responses, but I must question the AAA Alone in the Dark reply. I think enhanced and all they are pushing "C" status, MAYBE B-

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3480d ago

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;)

PLAYSTATION®3規格ソフトウェアのゲー ム 中にXMB™

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3479d ago

13??? Disagrees???????????????? ;-D
THE TRUTH HURTS xBot Lemmings in'it!!! ;-D

toughNAME3480d ago

Suggestions for Atari for their next game:

DarkBlade3480d ago

Something with multiplayer?

Ghoul3480d ago

just DONT

release the last bit of talent at the company and let thrm work witth good teams

Tomdc3479d ago

a brighter, cheerier game =)

badz1493479d ago

make the game really 'ALONE' in the 'DARK'! in this game, he's not even alone and it's not even dark!! don't use the franchise name for something that is not it!

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LevDog3480d ago

Enhanced Version? You mean the game Atari actually wanted to make.. Devs are finally seeing "Blu".. They realize DVD9 just cant cut it.. compressing everything and leaving stuff out just doesnt add up to a good game anymore.. PS3 is getting the superior BioShock (once a 360 exclusive) and now a superior Alone in the Dark...

Ps3 is well.. Just better

GiantEnemyCrab3480d ago

Or more like it is so difficult and time consuming to develope for that now Atari has heard feedback/critism of the game they can now go back and make it "enhanced".

Please provide a link that a platfrom was holding it back because it wasn't using Blu-ray.

Bioshock is no different.

What is going to p*ss me off is that if Atari doesn't release these "bug fixed enhancements" on the game that is already out. It was a buggy mess with lots of problems and the people who have already spent $60 on this game deserve to have equal quality.

Mr BlueScreen3480d ago

Ahhh... almost like the ps3's orange box!

thebudgetgamer3479d ago

over the whole orange box thing

but seriously how much better can they make it

jay23480d ago

This should be intresting, let's hope its a good update and fix.

meepmoopmeep3480d ago

yeah, i hope they fixed the issues reviewers seemed to agree upon.
i was really looking forward to this game but the numerous issues have me sketchy on whether or not to buy this.

Aclay3480d ago

Alone in the Dark for should be better for the PS3. Atari already knows why the game got bad reviews and what reviewers had to say about the game and all they have to do is polish areas in the game that were lacking in the other versions... and maybe Atari/Eden Games can take advantage of the Blu-ray capabilities in the PS3 with Alone in the Dark since they aren't "distracted" by the 360 development of the game anymore.

Plus, Alone in the Dark didn't need to come out on the PS3 in June anyways because of MGS4.

I hope that the PS3 version does turn out much better.

morganfell3480d ago

What you say is true. But Atari actually has to do something about it. Knowing is one thing, acting is another. I will withhold my opinion and my reserve money until I see more. I am a big PS3 fan, but Atari will have to address very serious issues such as the control and inventory schemes in order to begin to make the game better and worthy of a purchase.

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The story is too old to be commented.