Planet Xbox 360: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Review

If only all sequels were as improved as Geometry Wars Evolved 2. The game that launched Xbox Live Arcade years ago finally delivers its offspring. While gamers would have been more than happy with just the chance to play co-operatively, the game goes out of its way to deliver the best XBLA game 800 Microsoft Points can buy.

Anyone that has not gotten around to buying the original can save their points and put them toward the sequel. The slick two-stick controls, one steering and the other firing, remain, but quite a bit else has changed for the better. Rather than the two, very similar, modes offered in the original, the sequel offers up six completely different gameplay modes. Sure, the 'evolved' mode is still here for those who loved the challenge of the original, but the new modes are certainly the ones that will eat up most of your time.

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InMyOpinion3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Another winner for the XBLA games library. I'd like to issue a seizure warning though. This game is like the rainbow x 10. The amount of high quality titles for the 360 is just astounding.