Luc Bernard Leaves Game Industry

Luc Bernard, developer of Eternity's Child, has left the game industry after receiving negative review scores for his game.
Full story in his blog.


Luc Bernard says that Eternity's Child will still be coming to both WiiWare and PC

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ChickeyCantor3632d ago

Seriously that man is a pathetic lil biatch.
His art direction is great in terms of visuals.
But his art direction in animation and the Flow of the game it self is just horrible.

Have you seen how the character walks?

In the beginning i thought the screenshots looked promosing, then i saw actuall in game footage...*explodes*

Retro-Virus3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

Now that he's going to quit his future endeavors, does that make you happy ?

ChickeyCantor3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

No its a shame, but he should not whine while he is the problem himself.

Honestly have you seen the game? I'm not the type to thumb down games before i play them, hell i actual defend them when people bash the games that aren't even out yet.

But seeing it just made feel like this is just BAD.
The look is ok to some extend but the you can already now how the "feel" is going to be. >_<

He is a pVssy for giving up, thus no respect to him.
No one said it was going to be easy.

Alexander Roy3632d ago

Now, I don't know the game and haven't read any of the critics, but that's pathetic. Even if the game was crap, worse than E.T., Superman 64 and ShaqFu COMBINED, who can say that his next game couldn't completely blow everything away?
I once had a presentation in school that was utter rubbish. I panicked, had a blackout, everything. After that, I was so afraid of talking in front of people, it wasn't funny. What did I do? I pulled myself together, got over that one time and started to work with all my heart again. From that day on, I never failed presentations again.

Besides, even if it is sh't, there will still be people buying and appreciating it. Look at the sales figures for IronMan...

Vicophine3632d ago

Pick up your marbles little boy...

BlackIceJoe3632d ago

I will say this its to bad Luc will be leaving the Video game industry I did really enjoy his artistic direction. I have not played Eternity's Child yet but it looked different and I am planning on picking it up on Wiiware soon. I think it is sad to see a person leave this industry because of a bad review. I would have wished Luc could have listened to what the reviewers said then when his next game would have come out He would not run into these problem again. So it is sad to him leave the industry. When He had some thing different and unique. So I wish him the best of luck in his new venture.

JasonX433632d ago

One bad review and he quits? That's so junior high school!