Touch Arcade Reviews: Digga

Touch Arcade writes:

Digga offers two control methods: Touch (swipe) and Button (D-Pad). As I said in the Ms. Pac-Man review, the virtual D-Pad is a terrible control system for the iPhone. PosiMotion's implementation of a Touch/Swipe interface, however, was intriguing. Digga places the entire level in the top half of your iPhone screen. While this reduces the quality of the graphics, it eliminates any need for scrolling around on the level. The bottom half of the screen is dedicated to the control system. In the Touch/Swipe interface, a large red area is available for you to swipe. In general, the touch system works pretty well. You can also swipe and hold to provide continuous motion and it does register abrupt turns. With some practice, you can get somewhat proficient with the control system. And for the first few levels of Digga, I was very pleased.

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