Transgender Day of Remembrance and Transgender Characters in Video Games

Serena Nelson writes: "There has been a resurgence of roles that have taken what we are and cast a new light upon our plight. Including video games. Which is what this article is really about. Instead of lashing out at the negativity I wanted to look at some trans characters that are treated at least with respect if not reflect upon what being transgender means to those who have gone through the experience themselves."

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yarbie10001031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

Can you imagine the outrage if someone wrote the White Hetrosexual Character Day of Rememberance?

So sick of this BS. If your sexuality is what defines you then what a pathetic life that must be.

Roccetarius1031d ago

Not only are their own defections defining their human state of life, but also the games of the future. It's just sad to see larger companies cater to it more and more.

I shudder to think what will happen later on.

Dee_911031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

Their "defections" define their lives now because people that discriminate against them made their "defections" the issue. It seems you got the whole cause and effect thing screwed.

I don't mind a transgender day at all. I like for people to be proud of whatever adversary they overcome rather I agree with it or not. What pisses me off is the inclusion of political agendas into various forms of entertainment.
They should stay separate, like church and government.

retrogamer091031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

Not to be a dick, but what have white people as a mass in this country ever went through oppression? Granted I don't believe there should be a day celebrating transexual video game characters, but there's a massive amount of gay and transexual bullying that goes on in this country. It happens to the point where being gay or transexual does define them because that's where the bullying and discrimination comes from. It's like saying a hispanic man can't say his race defines him when there's politicians looking to actively deport him and his parents from this county along with 11 million other hispanics.

Eiffel your example makes zero sense. That was whites that were citizens being dicks to immigrants. That's like saying what's going on in the middle east is oppression from muslims when it's fellow muslims beheading other muslims. Doesn't make sense. Or like saying what's going on in Chicago is opression against blacks since blacks are killing other blacks. I don't see how your example makes sense.

Eiffel1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

"What have white people as a mass in this country ever went through oppression?"

Let's see. Italians, Irish, Russians, Germans...really anybody that wasn't a natural born citizen.

Edit: How does it not make sense? You asked what white people as a mass in America have ever gone through oppression. It wasn't only white Americans who treated European immigrants terribly, pretty much ANYONE who wasn't a natural born citizen was oppressed in a manner by all hues of the natural born rainbow. Muslims in the middle east have difference branches of belief that oppress one another, many religions have separate branches that hold ill regard to others for trivial matters such as belief and oppress one another. What's going on in Chicago is hardly relatable, unless you count gang violence.

ironcrow23861031d ago

I think your missing the point slightly; the article is about transgender remembrance and the writers just illustrating the best TG video game characters 😃

AntsPai1031d ago

Not to be a dick but not every white person lives in North America, I know here in Ireland people have went through a lot oppression for centuries and in many ways some of us still are for various 'reasons' both in the North and South. Not to mention the multitude of countries within Europe whose people have been through a whole load of oppressions throughout history.

A lot of Americans seem to forget the rest of the world exists when they say that 'White people' haven't suffered and therefore don't deserve remembrance or can't be victims of racism.

Sorry for the rant.

Bobafret1031d ago

There are these things called books that tell of many, many instances of white slavery throughout history. The Barbary Slave trade lasted over 200 years, look it up.

Balsanoid1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

My grandfather went as far as to change the pronunciation of our last name to sound less Italian. Sicilians were highly hated and discrimnated against in the early 1900's because of others' association in the Mob. Don't give me this "White people have never experienced discrimnation" nonsense. It wasn't until my current family that we started pronouncing it in its original Italian again.

Dee_911031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

Somehow ( not really "somehow", I can take wild guess as to why they do this), white people got swept up into the "i'm a victim" narrative, but they claim to be victim solely to negate the victimization of others. Not because they truly feel they get victimized. Its really sad.

So did any of those "whites" go through that oppression solely because they are white? I'm not up on that history but my guess would be no. If the difference haven't quite occurred to you yet, I can break it down for you. These people feel they get oppressed solely because of their sexual identity. Therefor their sexual identity is the problem because people who discriminate against them made it the problem.

I agree, I hate when people say things like "whites have never experienced discrimination" without further clarifying, to the extent that other races have endured. That can be really confusing. Like the whole Black lives matters thing would make a lot more sense if they added a "too" at the end. Common sense isn't really common sometimes. A few words can turn a statement into expressing a feeling.

Eiffel1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )


Oppression is not exclusive to just race, oppression by definition is the state of being subject to unjust treatment, any group of people regardless of skin color can be subjected. European whites in America were oppressed for hundreds of years by natural born Americans simply for being foreign, especially during times of war for example German and Italian persecution during WWII and Russian persecution during the Cold War. During such times it was considered even better to be a black American than an Italian or Russian immigrant in America, being born in the country put you higher on the social ladder. Lynchings, beatings, arson, unemployment, harassment, et cetera. These were people who were oppressed simply for being born outside of America, something they had no control of that natural born Americans made a problem for them.

Dee_911031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

what relevance does that have to do with my comment though?
Point:It would be completely pointless to have a white heterosexual day as a response to transgender day because white people have never been oppressed for being white or heterosexual.
I never said white people weren't oppressed, so again what was the point of your comment? Can you counter anything I said? If not keep the hearsay to yourself.

1031d ago
AntsPai1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


This carry on still happens on a daily basis. Especially some very unpleasant British, not even close to all, only a few racist ones but several times a day I get English people at work giving me abuse for being Irish. Please tell me more about things you haven't experienced and obviously have no idea what you are talking about. If you need more references just google 'no irish' or the occupation of Ireland, or Irish slavery or whatever. Even look up the great famine and read about how the English took over the entire country while people were starving to death, forced out our language by punishment forcing us to adopt English and oppressed the heck out of all Irish catholics.

"In the 17th and 18th centuries, Irish Catholics had been prohibited by the Penal Laws from purchasing or leasing land, from voting, from holding political office, from living in or within 5 miles (8 km) of a corporate town, from obtaining education, from entering a profession, and from doing many other things necessary for a person to succeed and prosper in society." That's just a snippet of the wikipedia page. By all means look up the slavery, still on going civil unrest and occupation then come back and tell me that the people of Ireland weren't discriminated for being Irish.

Sorry for the block of text but seriously, just because people aren't black, asian, hispanic or anything else doesn't mean they haven't had their (un)fair share of struggles and it's completely insulting to be told that it doesn't matter because your skin is white.

Eiffel1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


"Point:It would be completely pointless to have a white heterosexual day as a response to transgender day because white people have never been oppressed for being white or heterosexual. "

And what relevance does that have to retrogamer09's question which I quoted? Why direct me when your comment had nothing in relation to my reply? He asked what whites in America have ever been oppressed which I addressed. Nothing discussed farther had any correlation with your comment regarding white heterosexuals. Should you reply again I suggest reading this comment thoroughly, reading comprehension seems to be quite the difficult challenge for you.

Dee_911030d ago

I don't understand why you would decide to take a jab at my comprehension skills instead of chalking it up to misunderstanding? Do you not understand how two people with two different perspectives could read the same thing and come to two different conclusions?
Judging by his example, he and I are on the same page. As he depicts a hispanic being victimized solely for being hispanic correlates more to "whites not being oppressed for being white" more so than is does " whites were never oppressed".
Anyway it's irrelevant, he only has one bubble and can't clarify his response, so it's no point in me trying to tell you what he might have meant.

Spotie1030d ago

I pretty much NEVER agree with retro, but here I do.

Straight people aren't persecuted for being straight. Sorry, it just doesn't happen.

White people aren't persecuted for being white, either. Well, I'll take that back, but only with the caveat that it doesn't seem to happen on any sort of large scale.

Yes, there are and have been isolated incidents in which the latter has occurred, but even in your own examples, you have to break it down into further ethnicities that are categorized as white, rather than white people as a whole.

But when blacks and Hispanics were/are discriminated against, it's every single individual. I mean, who says "Filthy Mexicans, but Argentinians are okay?" Who hates African Americans, but is okay with the Congolese?

And there's really no comparison between how straight people are treated as opposed to anybody else. I'd like anyone to point out a time where they, as a straight person, were made to feel inferior, or were afraid for their lives, or had to hide who they were for fear of persecution. I know I sure as hell haven't had such an experience.

It's perfectly okay, ladies and gentlemen, to not agree with another person's way of life. But it's really childish to pretend like the suffering of the majority has ever been anything like that of the minority. Half the time, you're all oblivious to there even BEING problems. I mean, how often do you think of how shitty it is to be left-handed?

Eiffel1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )


I took a jab at your comprehension skills because your reply was completely irrelevant to what I quoted directly by retrogamer as anyone else here could clearly see, there's no misunderstanding. He already had his chance at responding with clarification with that quick edit which I replied to with my own. What lack of bubbles he has to form another response is his own undoing, a little hindsight in his situation would go a long way if he's going to ask questions. My point was made long before you replied with irrelevant responses to his and my discussion.

Dee_911029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

What you qouted from him was taken taken out of context. Its incredibly ironic you say I lack comprehension skills yet you dont understand how to read a sentence within its context. That first question wasn't the point of his comment. His point was the same as mine, judging by the remainder of his comment after the opening questio , ie the context.

Eiffel1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )


How was his question taken out of context? He started off his comment by asking word for word "what white people as a mass in this country ever went through oppression?" Nothing after correlated with that question, additionally the context of the question was permissible by his response for discussion outside transgender issues. He asked a stupid question, got a response, made a follow up statement and was dealt a rebuttal. Your attempt at nitpicking ain't gonna save face here. Move on.

Dee_911029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

"How was his question taken out of context? He started off his comment by asking word for word"

Replying to a question "word for word" while disregarding the rest of the comment is taking it out of context.

"Nothing after correlated with that question,"

Nothing correlated to you because you saw a chance to jump on a "stupid question" ( google that please) and simply ignored the remainder of his comment. As I stated in post #1.2.13
"Judging by his example, he and I are on the same page. As he depicts a hispanic being victimized solely for being hispanic correlates more to "whites not being oppressed for being white" more so than is does " whites were never oppressed". "
As does his response to you further solidify the same point being made.

" additionally the context of the question was permissible by his response for discussion outside transgender issues."

He replied to yarbie's comment. Yarbie comment portrayed whites being oppressed for being white and hetero..To which retrogamer reply was, no they wasn't. Maybe you should re-read the comments.

"He asked a stupid question,"
Granted my response
"I agree, I hate when people say things like "whites have never experienced discrimination" without further clarifying, ..."

"got a response, made a follow up statement and was dealt a rebuttal. "
Dealt a rebuttal that disregarded the context.

"Your attempt at nitpicking ain't gonna save face here. Move on."

Where is the nitpicking? Trying to explain to you the context in which a question was asked isn't nitpicking by any definition.

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conanlifts1030d ago

To a certain extent our sexuality defines all of us. It determines who we date, who we marry ( assuming we have the legal right), whether we have children and the family that we end up with. Theres no hiding from it.

As for Transgender, well most of us won't have to deal with this problem. That means most of us won't have to spend years of our lives in therapy, being prescribed medication that generally doesnt help and overall looking for acceptance of who we are.
As a white heterosexual my sexuality or gender has never caused me issues, so i see no problem with this post.

rainslacker1030d ago

I really don't care if they want to cite examples of what they consider representative of them. That's fair enough, and I'm all for it.

What I wonder is what tragedy befell them to require they have a day of remembrance.

So, to answer my own question, it's a day where the lives of trans-gendered people who lost their life to violence for that lifestyle are remembered in memorial.

I find this fair enough, but why segregate it from all the others who lost their life to any form of violence. There are plenty of them, and I don't feel segregating oneself from society in such a way helps to gain the integration that they are seeking.

Violence is bad in all it's forms. It can happen because of any gender, religious affiliation, ethnic background, or race. Remembering those who died from violence is something that happens almost daily for those who are affected by it, and it doesn't require it's own special day. I understand there are many things which are remembered in memorial for the reason of violence, but those things are typically not based on any of the listed above, with the exception of the Holocaust, which was more tantamount to genocide.

I hate to sound cold about this, because I know it's important for people to grieve and remember in their own way, but this is about as segregating and has the "look at me" feel that I felt gay pride parades had when they were all the rage.

Why can't people just be people, and accept that even if they differ in their views or outlooks, we are all pretty much the same when it comes to how we deal with tragedy, happiness, and triumph.

We all work. We all breathe. We all play. We all cry. It's what makes us human, and has nothing to do with our sexual orientation unless we allow that to control who we are.

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Nodoze1031d ago

This is just getting out of hand. Enough with the damn agenda already.

LGBT represent less than 5% of the population. Yet we constantly hear about their lifestyle choices, how they are discriminated against, how we need to accept etc etc The media makes it seem like the LGBT community is is not. The ENTIRE community could not even sway a vote.

This is just ridiculous.

Enough already. The remaining 95+% of the population does not want to hear about it anymore. Do what you want, but don't expect us to agree with you or condone it.

amiga-man1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

It was that same attitude that caused a man who played a major part in breaking the Enigma code to take his life, I thought society had grown less ignorant, sadly people like you prove otherwise.

Nodoze1031d ago

So you are going to discriminate against me and my views because they differ from yours?

Anyone who takes their own life is a coward. regardless of the issues, there is always a way out, always a way to get past it and move forward.

You are right that society is ignorant. Ignorant to the many viewpoints that exist outside of their own. It is this ridiculous PC thinking that is going to kill this country. Oh my feelings are hurt, i am offended, whaaaa whaaaa whaaaa.

Grow up. Get over it. Life is not all rainbows and unicorns. You will meet and encounter people who do not always agree with your viewpoint and your way of thinking. THAT is what makes life interesting.

So as I originally noted, if the LGBT lifestyle is what makes you happy, go for it. But DO NOT expect everyone else to agree with it. That is ignorant, and ironically it is discriminatory. It's ok though, my feelings aren't hurt.

yarbie10001031d ago

People die every day. Natural selection. We learn about it in school.

The strong genetics survive

Rimgal1031d ago

@Nodoze "Anyone who takes their own life is a coward. regardless of the issues, there is always a way out, always a way to get past it and move forward."

You ignorant little kid. Who the hell do you think you are to pass judgement on a person who has committed suicide when you have not been in there shoes or lived the life they have. Until you have been in that situation, (loneliness, depression, misunderstanding, desperation constant bullying), you can never really know how YOU would act. I know some people would say, "but I would never..." Well guess what? People who get placed (or place themselves) in the most extreme, dire, complex, alarming or stressful situations don't necessarily act or react in the way or manner in which they thought they would.

People like you who label suiciders as cowards are perhaps just trying to "be on top" by putting the suicider down. A statement like that reveals more about the ego of the person stating it than the suicider the statement is about.

My cousin killed himself earlier, because of constantly bullying. He never told anyone about it. Until it was too late.

Also I see alot of ignorance in this comment section.

Sex: What you physically are
Gender: What you mentally are.
Sexual Orientation: Who you're sexually attracted to.

It's the year 2015, not knowing this by now is inexcusable.

eggboy1031d ago Show
chiefdog111031d ago

@Nodze...Very well said and agree completely. @amiga-man...So he is ignorant cause he doesn't think like you do? The vast majority of those who are pro LGBT are such hypocites. They expect those of us who don't agree with LGBT to be open minded, respectful, and tolerant of their views. They preach tolerance but are completely intolerant and hostile towards anyone who doesn't think exactly as they do. Not trying to be rude or mean here, but why should we respect your views when you won't respect ours?

Rimgal1031d ago Show
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silkrevolver1031d ago

LGBT represents well over 10% of the population. When you compare that to a lot of racial populations, it's actually an exceptionally large minority.

Nodoze1031d ago

Absolutely incorrect. Read one of your own sources, Bloomberg:

4% I was being generous with my 5% figure, as it is actually less.

silkrevolver1031d ago

Fair enough. I was going off of speculative numbers (which first arose with Alfred Kinsey a long time ago, which is enough to invalidate the numbers I used entirely). The 4% statistic, however, only accounts for people willing to admit they're LGBT. It's impossible to gauge the closeted population, and while I'm sure that doesn't amount to 10% in the end, I'm willing to wager it brings the total above 5%. Though, again, this is totally speculative.

So in all of that, you're right and I'm sorry for my response.

But what do you mean by "one of my own" sources?" I don't read bloomberg. I don't read or watch with regularity any media that has definitive slants. I use Associated Press and PBS, which as far as being non-biased goes, is about as good as you can get.

Don't make presumptions about people based off one or two opinions.

1031d ago
Steptoe1031d ago

Call Of Duty: Pink Ops.Imagine it. :)

Steptoe1031d ago

Disagrees for a joke? You Transgenders have no sense of humour . -_-


Not trying to be negative, but don't something seems off about trying to actually be something you're not? I mean just think about it. I mean how can a guy go like: oh I feel like a girl, and that makes me a girl, and people go oh that's a girl now, call him a she now. And some who gets a sex change (technically which isn't possible) something is very off. How do you know what it's like to be a woman, when you're actually a man, and vice versa. Because you mimic the stereotype of a man or a woman. Doesn't make you one. Same with that white woman who consider herself black. Society itself is off, so it's not surprise when people support the crazy stuff.

amiga-man1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

I think the first thing you need to accept is that men and women are different, not just physically but mentally, you must have heard the phrase Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, it is basically highlighting the differences in the way men and womens brains are programmed (for want of a better word)

If you accept that anf there are plenty of studies that prove it, then is it such a huge leap to suggest that programming might not fit in the body you are born with?

These are not choices people choose to make, it is who they are, of course if they don't fit into your vision of whats acceptable you could always follow Hitlers example, but it does make you wonder what the war was fighting for?

straight in with godwin it's easier than facing the truth., gotcha.

KwokXi1031d ago

Straight in with Godwins law smh tbh fam

conanlifts1030d ago

Given enough time we will probably discover a gene responsible for transgender individuals. You have to realise it's not something people suddenly wake up thinking. From my understanding transgender individuals have related to being in the wrong body from when they were children.

rainslacker1030d ago

A more succient way of saying what amiga did is that gender by definition is based on one's sexual organs for obvious reasons.

However, due to the chemical and biophysiological make up of the different genders, and the ability for sex organs to not always play a part in how that is in a particular persons body, some people simply happen to have sex organs which do not match up with their chemical and biophysiological make up.

I will differ with amiga though on the concept of choice.

To date, I'm not aware of any study which tries to see how much of this is scientifically sound, and how much of it is just choice based to do societal or psychological reasons, but I don't keep up on such things. While I'm sure quite a bit of it is due to chemical makeups, there are other factors involved which would be quite lengthy to debate.

Because of this, and the fact that the LGBT community has segregated itself into god knows how many different identifications making it overly complex, I prefer to say that for many it's chemical(mostly out of their control), but for others it's societal(based on their experiences). There seems to be this thing where it has to be one or the other among the opposing sides, but my guess is it's likely a mix of both.

amiga-man1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

The old nature verses nurture, you cannot nurture transgenderism, as sd11 points out individuals are aware from a very young age and has nothing to do with the way they are bought up.

There are many examples of children from the same family bought up the same but one being transgendered, one example I found as intriguing as it is surprising, a case where identical twins (two girls) one happy another choosing to live as a boy.

There have been many studies of the brain, males will typically use one side of their brain, females use both sides, there are clear differences in the way the male and female brain work, it is a known fact not some hypothesis.

There was a case of a young baby in America whose circumcision went wrong, it was decided (by doctors) the best solution was to raise him as a girl, despite the parents best efforts and support from so called professionals he never accepted his adopted gender and sadly committed suicide, his brain was that of a boy simple as.

Transgender people are normal people, who are forced by peoples lack of understanding to struggle through life, people for some reason still think being transgendered is a choice, it isn't

rainslacker1029d ago

I believe you can nurture it. Anything can be nurtured if one is exposed to something which allows them to put the concept into context and somehow applicable to them.

I would think that it certainly isn't the norm to nurture such things, and society's normality will typically take precedence, which is why there is a lot of angst against the LGBT community from those who can't accept that not everyone fits into societal norms.

Now, I'd like to clarify a bit, because I feel my original comment made it seem like I was saying this was some significant number. However, I'd imagine the nurtured ones(good description to use by the way), are probably a very very small percentage of the entire group. If i had to guess, I'd say for the vast majority, it's more just the way they're wired.

I hate to take some of the anecdotal evidence you use as proof. I feel situations like that can be greatly influenced by the person's environment, and the persons own ability to rationalize what is happening to them.

Best example I can give is that there are homosexuals out there who absolutely refuse to admit that they are gay, and choose to be straight so they will be doing what they feel is necessary for them to fit into society. I know it's kind of the reverse of what we're talking about, but at times, it can be a choice. I guess that's what I"m getting at. It doesn't change who they are or anything, just how they, and others, identify that person. Some people let such matters affect their personality and way of life to great degrees, and it's a shame they have to, but I've always been of the mind that we're all human, and that we all have struggles. I hate it when people say, "You'll never know what I have to go through", because it does make it seem like that person's problems are more important than other people's own personal problems. By the same token, I hate it when people dismiss the problems of others because they feel that person's problems are self-inflicted either through personal choice, or is the case with many comments in these types of articles.

Most of my comments on this subject tend to follow the line of, "nobody cares", because realistically, I do believe that no one really cares what other people do or believe. Because of this, it's become tiresome to see these constant things which seem to segregate certain groups from the rest of society despite them screaming at the top of their lungs that they want to be part of it.

Most people don't make a big deal about a heterosexual display of affection or affiliation because it's normal, and unless it's obnoxious they just don't care. If homosexuals stopped making it such a big deal when something is LGBT friendly, no one would care...and those that do would just be biggots, and who really cares what they think?

It's perfectly fine to point out good representations of what represents you. I think all groups do this contantly. What I see here though is that it's much more blatent, and not from the point of, "hey, this is cool", but more that, "Hey, his is what we like as transgender(or whatever) people.". Normal things that praise something as high quality do not typically qualify it into a sub group of society, and that's why I feel that a lot of people feel these kinds of articles are agenda driven. It's just a presentation thing.

amiga-man1029d ago

I could carry on the discussion, but you are I'm afraid a little naive about the subject, I accept you don't mean to be and you certainly hold no malice to anyone, transgendered or otherwise, but it is fair to say you make comments not based on truth but your own feelings.

I accept without looking more into the subject you have little more to form an opinion, all I would say is it's an uninformed one.

rainslacker1029d ago

Not to be rude, but why not? I'm not trying to be confrontational, I'm giving my feelings on it, openly and saying that it's my feelings, and I'm open to discussion on the issue and I'm open minded enough to change my outlook when presented with new information.

That kind of thing is rare around these parts and it seems a shame that you would just drop the discussion because I'm ignorant of all the facts.

It seems to me, now would be the perfect time for presenting those facts, and trying to get someone else to see things the way you see them, because it's pretty apparent that that isn't typical around these parts.

I freely admit I'm not aware of any studies, but am against taking anecdotal evidence as proof, because it's too easy to manipulate.

I believe I made some salient points which obviously aren't the general rule, but I did use them to address specifically your reply.

I think on both sides of the issue people speak about what they feel, but very rarely do the facts get presented, so if you feel those facts are pertinent, then state them.

In the end, taking the opportunity when it arises seems like it would go much further than getting all mad and saying how terrible everyone else is whenever these issues arise, which is the norm for these comment sections.

I speak my feelings on things I don't know much about, and hope for others to enlighten me on subjects I either have no, or passing interest in. I speak facts when it's subjects I know about, and the same thing occurs there where people never address the facts, they simply say I'm wrong.

Not that I feel you're being impolite, just that it's still the same problem I have with this site overall, that no one really wants to discuss anything once it gets to something good, and most bubbles are wasted on bickering or insults back and forth....which I am sometimes guilty of as well.

Anyhow, may not be able to respond much the next week or so. Vacation time with the family. If I don't see anyone, then have a great Thanksgiving.:)

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scark921031d ago

I know TG people have it bad at times, but when they are usually associated with victimized status, it does not help their cause, its annoying and brings all those delusional SJW idiots together into irrelevant media such as gaming..

Real world examples should be embraced and sought for TG people, not fictional characters, that does not include that dumby Jenners..

So in short, leave your agenda out of video games pls... pls

silkrevolver1031d ago

What agenda? They're just characters.

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