Xbox 360 gets bigger drive but will this attract new users?

The Guardian writes: "With the amount of decent stuff on Live now - Braid is my current fave - you can see how the space is needed. Although you have to feel sorry for current owners who want to get a bigger hard drive."

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projectile3779d ago

With the game install feature coming soon it fits inn nicely.
But is the price for the elite worth it now? with the only difference of black+60gb? Hope the elite drops even more in price.

thebudgetgamer3779d ago

the only problem is then id want a hdd but they cost more then half of what i would be paying for the console itself

Jok3r3779d ago

I Think the "average-consumer" will see a better value with this 60GB SKU instead the old 20GB, therefore it will attract more consumers! With a killer-autum gamewise and this 60GB SKU and a new "Casualgamer Update/ New Xbox Experience" things looks good for the Xbox 360 this fall..

FreestyleBarnacle3778d ago

It seems to me that this will sound at best like those New and Improved stamps you see on cat food and toothpaste. Either that or more number blind shoppers getting confused. It will be great for those looking to buy already and willing to wait a bit for a better deal though.
For everyone else they won't realize but buying this and the Playstation are about to become better deals shortly.

Bladestar3779d ago

if I were you I wouldn't use amazon to try to imply some sort of trend... did you take a look at in what position is Metal Gear 4? Even Halo 3, Too human, Fable 2 and even the very expensive Gears 2 collector edition are beating it... anyone see Resistance 2?... 60GB is yet to be released... who on their right mind would pre-order an xbox 360 not knowing if or when there will be a price drop...

morganfell3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Why not? It beats VGChartz. And considering the remarks you have uttered in the past why would I bother listening you? Well the fact is I wouldn't. You can call me number 132. You deserve it.

What kind of push have they made for Resistance 2? Any figures? Any thing? No.

Yi-Long3779d ago

... but certainly not at the current price, plus there isnt even a game included...

Cant believe they still havent released a bundle for the Elite yet.

I definately dont want an Arcade, or Core, or whatever they called it now, and also cant say I'm very interested in a 60 GB white Xbox.

I just want the Black one, but like I said, certainly not at the current price.

They should make a 'new' Elite, this time with wireless Lan/WiFi built in! Bundle it up with 1 or 2 new games, maybe give some free MS points for some marketplace content/games, etc.

If I want a new console and I have to choose between a 370 euro Elite or a 400 euro PS3 with wireless Lan and Blu-Ray, I'll obviously pick the PS3. Microsoft needs to offer a better deal!

player9113778d ago

I bought my Elite and it came bundled with 2 games. It was the Christmas bundle... but I thought all Xboxes came bundled with games?!

Shortstop3779d ago

I doubt it. Will the average person even know that the previous unit was 20GB?

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The story is too old to be commented.