Jolt Review: Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People - Episode One: Homestar Ruiner

Jolt Writes: "The Homestar Runner website is a treasure trove of animated comics, bizarre characters and spoof 8-bit games, so it's pretty appropriate that the first commercial title to come from 'Videlectrix' should be a traditional point-and-click adventure. In actual fact Telltale Games (of recent Sam & Max fame) are behind the development of this Cool Game for Attractive People, which takes its name from the real star of the show, Homestar's best friend and arch-nemesis (it's a small town), Strong Bad.

In total there are a dozen characters in the game – each one stranger than the next – with you in control of the Mexican wrestling mask-wearing protagonist. To understand the apparent mishmash of characters and relationships, you really have to be familiar with the website, and in particular Strong Bad's e-mail adventures. If you haven't visited before then it's very likely you just won't follow the game, which trades Sam & Max's accessible one liners for knowing in-jokes and amusing interactions."

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