Bloodborne DLC Boss & Trophy List for The Old Hunters

The list of trohies for the upcoming Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC has revealed lore-impacting bosses that fans of the series will be eager to check out.

Spoilers of course!

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Forn1095d ago

Omg omg omg, this is going to be sweet! Can't wait to beat all the new bosses and gain the new gear!

Chaos_Raiden1095d ago

Looking great. Can't wait to get this.

P_Bomb1095d ago

Those do sound like great bosses lore wise. It'll be neat taking down Ludwig with his own Holy Blade, and that reference to Kos there that I last heard Micolash name dropping

TomatoDragon1095d ago

Ooo...those trophies just enlightened me to something about the lore. Interesting indeed. :)

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