Newly Announced Destiny Year Two Exotics Left Out Some Deserving Fan Favorites

Bungie unveiled the next wave of Year Two Destiny exotics but some hopeful additions were noticeably absent.

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ZaWarudo1090d ago

Mida has a lot of people excited though.

Orejillz1090d ago

I think that's probably the only weapon that has a lot of people excited. The others are getting very mixed reception.

WildArmed1090d ago

Only hard light and Mida are worth really mentioning.

2x grenade armor for titan makes a come-back, so that's nice. But honestly, there really isn't any excuse why these weren't there day 1.

1090d ago
keegamer801090d ago

I enjoy destiny. I feel like I can't keep up with evening going on. I hope is supported for a long time. I wonder if anything us guardians have done will carry over to destiny 2?

jmac531090d ago

I think the best weapon drop for me personally was the Vex Mythoclast. Wish they would bring that to year 2.

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