Halo 5: Guardians Sells an Estimated 1.46M First Week

VGChartz' William D'Angelo: "Halo 5: Guardians sold 1,457,849 units first week worldwide, according to our own estimates, which can be viewed on the VGChartz Global Weekly Chart for the week ending October 31st.

Breaking down the sales by region, the game comfortably sold best in the US, with 930,385 units sold (64%), compared to 361,963 units sold in Europe (25%).

Looking more closely at Halo 5: Guardians' European sales, it sold 157,895 units in the UK, 45,003 units in Germany, and 55,647 units in France."

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brokasfawk1123d ago

It did very well

I hope to play it when I get a X1

Crimzon1123d ago

I find it funny that VGChartz always uses precise sales figures such as "1,457,849" when we all know that they guess the sales figures and have no factual data to provide. It's kinda bizarre as well because when they're pulling these numbers out of thin air, what makes them think, "Oh, the game sold precisely 1,457,849 copies" and not "The game sold precisely 1,457,848 copies" instead? I'm still baffled that their website is is actually allowed on N4G in the first place.

JasonKCK1123d ago

I don't understand why the site is still around at all. I know extreme fanboys use it in their arguments but it's still false data. Every time people use VGC they lose by default because the margin of error is so high.

choujij1123d ago

Agreed. At first I was like wow...But then I saw it was VGChartz. :/

UncleJerry1122d ago

yea i dont really go by vg, but im sure this game did put up some impressive numbers.

Clarence1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Well we know that vgchartz is off because they use lowball PS3 numbers. I do think halo 5 sold more but I think M$ was expecting more which is why they didn't release the actual numbers sold.

Halo 4 sold like 3m plus in its first week.

That 400m halo 5 made is combined software and hardware.
That being said I've never known vgchartz to be bias against M$ numbers.
I think halo 5 sold more M$ would have definitely let us know by now.

When Halo 4 was released vgchartz stated that it sold 3.7m in its first week.

sonarus1122d ago

I don't know how Vg Chartz comes up with their numbers but i am in full support even though its not factually correct all the time. It would be better if they were more accurate but those numbers generally allow for an estimation. That being said,
NPD shouldnt have a monopoly on reporting sales figures and i honestly wish there were more sites doing this

ngaydazng71122d ago

Its more accurate than you guys period.

NewMonday1122d ago

world wide numbers confirm the trend of Halo franchise sales falling by a massive %70

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angelv5771122d ago

guys it's obvious vgchartz made their estimate based on the NPD and UK numbers. 935k + 150k= 1,085m (add in rest of the world numbers and we get a numbers closer to vgchartz.

You can estimate the rest. digital sales normally are around 10%-20 of total sales so assuming a higher than unusual digital ratio, it can be around 30%. Rest of the world numbers must be around 200k-300k since xb1 barely sell outside US and UK hence why ps4 has a super lead.

vgchartz don't try to guess digital numbers so this numbers is closer to reality than you believe.

FPSRUSSIA1123d ago

not surprising since its halo i would like to see how other games do like ( gears 4 crackdown 3 quantum break scale bound)

DarkOcelet1123d ago

I doubt Quantum Break will do big numbers since Alan Wake did 2 million on both PC and X360 when it had over 30 million install base.

Remedy makes great games but it would have sold much more if they went multiplat.

And it also seems Rise Of The Tomb Raider will not go over 1 million in total sales on the XboxOne which is sad because that game is damn good.

76erz241123d ago

True but a niche survival horror game is a lot different then a time bending action adventure game when it comes to marketability and the casual buy.

retrogamer091123d ago

Alan Wake has done 5 million.

DarkOcelet1123d ago


Well, Rise Of The Tomb Raider was action adventure game and it apparently didn't sell well and ROTR is a great game.

Also i hope MS market the hell out of Quantum Break.

Vasto1123d ago

Every game would sell alot better as multiplat. As for Quantum Break its bigger then anything Remedy has ever done. Alan Wake was a much smaller game with not close to the amount of hype as Quantum Break. Tomb Raider just released for Xbox One. Why would it not go over 1 million on total sales? Have they stopped production or something?

shloobmm31123d ago

Really? You are assuming RoTTR won't sell well because of one day of UK sales?

DarkOcelet1123d ago


The game did worse than the definite edition on the XboxOne. And that was a remaster.

I really hope it does go over 1 million.

zeuanimals1123d ago

Well, Alan Wake was sent out to die. It went out against RDR. Quantum Break probably isn't going against something like RDR.

OpieWinston1123d ago

I figured QB wouldn't be big also but it's not like Alan Wake. Especially when marketted.

When you see Quantum Break you'll see an Action game like Max Payne with time powers. And you'll see a talented cast.
Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight Rises)
Shawn Ashmore (X-men, The Following)
Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, LOST)
Lance Reddick (Fringe, The Wire)

You don't see talented actors like this in many video games outside of CoD(Because of the big budget).

Over the last year QB with the right marketing could easily pull in a lot of people.
Rise of the Tomb Raider is an Action Adventure, QB is a TPS. More people were drawn to Gears of War after it's marketing.

Game comes out in April. By itself, outside of "The Division" what else will have the Xbox logo slapped on it? Recore soon after... possibly.

vegasgamerdawg1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Lol, we have VG chartz then we have you.....guessing????? Wow you're delusional. I bet VG chartz is closer than your fanBOY predictions.lmao.

Alan Wake sold over 4 million last time I checked..........that was a long time ago.

_-EDMIX-_1122d ago

Agreed. Remedy is one of my favorite teams and Alan Wake was a great game, but not a huge mega million seller. QB doing such numbers is very unlikely.

Heavy hitters I would expect to be Halo, Gears based on historical numbers.

xasz1122d ago

It would be impossible for Quantum Break to go multiplat since Microsoft owns the IP.

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LastcenuryRob1123d ago

They will all do fine, but not as good as Halo. Looking forward to Crackdown and yes, I can't wait to find out what DX12 and the cloud do to multiplayer.

Manic20141123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

This is just my estimation but I think the game must have sold much more than this figure states. MS announced it was a $400m Launch, even if they sold 300k consoles world wide that week that'd estimate to $120m.

So the rest of the $280m has to be made by the games, to make that much they'd have to sell 4.7m copies of the game but of course this is a lot of the copies and i'm just estimating but i definitely think the numbers are north of 2.8m.

1.46m seems extremely low for a Halo game. VGC also estimate they sold 250k consoles worldwide that week. 1.46m and 250k consoles = $187m approx (Obviously does not include price differences worldwide). This is more than half of what MS have announced.

Just giving my two cents :)

RzaDaRazor1123d ago

I don't think this takes into account digital sales.

Manic20141123d ago

That's very true. Digital sales are going up.

Fatdrinkofwater1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I bought digital and i know a lot of other people that did too. These sales figures are so innacurate its laughable

Sciurus_vulgaris1123d ago

I think the game likely did over 2 million first week with digital. But I still thinks sales would be lower than prior games due to franchise fatigue. A lot of the bigger IPs are having lower sales (Fallout 4 should be an exception).

BG115791122d ago

It's VGchartz! It doesn't take account real sales!
It could more... It could be less...
Let's wait for official numbers.

BG115791122d ago

It's VGchartz! It doesn't take account real sales!
It could be more... It could be less...
Let's wait for official numbers.

81BX1122d ago

Does anyone keep track of digital? I imagine that cant be to hard.

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IIFloodyII1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Doesn't include digital or bundles (i think), and that 400m was how much everything Halo 5 made combined (the limited editions, MT, console sales, bundles etc)

Manic20141123d ago

Yeah the 1.46m doesn't include digital purchases online or codes from bundles. The 400m was of software and hardware. Even then as said in my post VG are way behind in their esitmates.

LastcenuryRob1123d ago

It will probably be close to or over 3 million after Christmas. Many people are waiting for Black Friday and after to make their purchases, myself included.

1123d ago
Ra30301123d ago

Had Halo 5 sold 4.7million copies the gaming world would not need VGChartz to post make believe numbers because Microsoft would be doing the telling and they would be screaming those numbers daily and rightfully so. I wonder if the VGChartz 1.46 number has the Xbox bias that VGChartz is famous for?

MaxKingoftheWild1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Vgchartz is crap. However, 400m was shipped and included everything halo obviously. You can just compare play times that Ms released to see the game suffered a huge drop off.

You can see that in Us/UK/Japan sales where the game is going to sell 80%. No way the game got close to 2m (even with digital included)

You can see that digital won't make up the missing sales through every other game released. (just look at fallout digital sales. Only 600k download for two consoles and 12m shipped first day.)

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Tedakin1123d ago

Bundled and Digital aren't factored in right? What's odd is I see like no one playing it on my friends list... Hrmm. I love it.

Kribwalker1123d ago

Well then you should add me to your friends list lol.

I'd definitely say total it sold more then vgchartz as everyone I know bought it digitally and those sales don't count

1123d ago
kraenk121122d ago

It's almost dead on Twitch too.

retrogamer091123d ago ShowReplies(9)