Star Wars: Battlefront Glitch Is Giving Players Invincibility

Star Wars: Battlefront players are finding themselves randomly ascending to immortality in a new glitch affecting multiple game maps.

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Jackhass1094d ago

I could probably use some invincibility in this game. Not exactly racking up the kills.

idsanty1094d ago

Same. I suck at this game way too much.

parentsbasement1094d ago

yeah , right , I see your suck and raise you a pathetic ...I strive to just suck oneday...

fei-hung1094d ago

I'm shit at every aspect of the game with the exception of fighter squadron where I'm mostly coming in the top 3. Also, the ability to shareplay co-op is pretty awesome.

just_looken1093d ago

Same kind of glitch was on battlefield 3 and battlefield 4.

Old engine same old issues.

Now sheep devote this

BubbsyKong1093d ago

The beta I was going like 30-12 now the game is out and I'm lucky to hit top 8 on the leader board :p your not the only one my friend keep at er we will get better eventually :p It's so simple its hard AKA the simplistic shooter we all needed and wanted :p

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PerfidiousSinn1094d ago

I can explain this glitch:


Kenshin_BATT0USAI1094d ago

Solid. Make an online only game and somehow not QA it correctly still.

Rookie_Monster1094d ago

More reason to avoid this game. FOR an online only game, you would think more effort would be made on testing the MP mode to avoid situation like this.

antz11041093d ago

Or maybe it's been out for less than a week and glitches should be expected.

By your rationale people should have avoided Destiny as well.

BubbsyKong1093d ago

You obviously haven't played this game. It's worth every penny, People are complaining about lack of space fights and guns but if you watched the movies you know their wernt that many guns in period and how many space battles were their? Every game has glitches and bugs so should we not buy all of them? Just laugh about it because its pritti jk's to be honest lol... Maybe its not a glitch just an overload of the force making them op :p

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The story is too old to be commented.