DSOGaming - Star Wars: Battlefront - PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "When DICE and EA revealed Star Wars: Battlefront, the first thing we told ourselves was that the final build would never come close to the visuals that were showcased. See, Star Wars: Battlefront looked incredible and it was really hard to believe that DICE would pull it off. Well, today we are happy to report that we were wrong. Star Wars: Battlefront is a phenomenally optimized game, looks just as good as its reveal trailer, and could very well be the most optimized game of 2015."

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Jackhass1121d ago

Can't accuse this game of a lack of polish, that's for sure. Just wish there was more of it.

Activemessiah1121d ago

You mean a campaign single player mode with a full story? yeah... me too.