GamePlasma Review: Civilization Revolution


"You may as well call him 'legendary', Sid Meier has been known for his famous work on the Civilization series, which gave PC gamers one of the most in-depth real-time strategy games to the market in an intuitive nature. With its new iteration, the series has turned to appealing to the larger crowd at hand instead of its PC group following that is has gathered over the years since the series debut in 1994. Never mind that Revolution looks like a Civ game all wrapped up in the Sims world. If that's what it takes to appeal to the younger generation and gaming world in general, then it is most certainly a welcome change. Although, followers might be turned off by this, once you step into its world, you certainly shouldn't have any trouble finding yourself at home again at least until Civilization V releases.

You have 16 civilizations to choose from as you begin to take on the world as Caesar (Rome), Abraham Lincoln (Americans), and Queen Elizabeth (English) among others. Once you establish your city and begin your journey, you'll notice the ease of the control scheme. It is mapped specifically towards your needs and gives you the most versatile experience possible. The only flaws in this aspect would be the camera, as once the screen gets busy and you decide to start expanding your empire, the camera will jerk around to its various positions to adjust to where your units are at the time. The single player campaign can take you anywhere from 3-5 hours to complete in its entirety. That may seem like a while, but once you get started you'll be celebrating your civilization victory before you know it."

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rroded3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Rented this last week and I'd say this leaves 4 well in the dust as the worst civ game.
-Smaller maps random only and no ingame map view wtf.
-Cumbersome and slow interface esp the city screen.
-Oline will not connect.
-Dumbed down to the nines

If you do like it and your on psn send me a pm for a game lord knows none of their gimped uber slow options work. I've tried ranked unranked custom and quickstart. (spent at least an hour two different days with no luck) Havnt tried the friends option cause none of the almost 100 guys i got on my friends list has it.

Has a single player game it will give you a challenge at the higher ai settings. As a matter of fact I only best warlord with a good start and a little luck and some judicial save load usage to even things out .

GamerMan3780d ago

It's more like an 8/10. This is a console rendention after all. They streamlined a lot of the actions and there is a new strategy you have to use compared to the PC version. It will take a bit to grasp.

Once those concepts are grasped and you don't play it like the PC coutnerpart and play it as it's own IP then you will really enjoy what this has to offer.

My recommedations on fun with the game (opinion of course)
1. Game of the week. Runs Sunday-Saturday, see how you stack up against others.
2. Scenario Alpha Centurai on Deity. Definitely a blast :
3. Multiplayer has issues because of Gamespy. I found the recommneded course of action is play against friends. Although last night the normal options worked better than they normally do.
4. For people that have played other Civ games, I recommend King level at the minimum, Although for a good AI experience Emperor and Deity are definitely more fun on single player games.

First time playing this game, I really recommend playing chieftan and going through the entire tutorial at least once. It will really help you.

There are many differences in this game compared to the PC Civ games. For a quick fun game (2-6 hours) I recommend this version of a good strat game. Otherwise for the full effect I recommend sticking with the PC version.