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Tom Chick - "Some movies are Oscar bait. Fallout 4 is shameless Game Of The Year bait, a state-of-the-art iteration in a beloved franchise. All this spectacle, all this epic sprawl, all this padding masquerading as gameplay, all this openness. The critical perspective on videogames is still young and impressionable enough that this is all it takes. Even if Fallout 4 can’t live up to the promise of being a game about restoring civilization, it works just fine as another Fallout. Bethesda has laid solid and at times spectacular groundwork for an awesome game. I look forward to another developer building on it."

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letsgopal1093d ago

"Some movies are Oscar bait"

Some articles are click bait.

DLConspiracy1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

I would have agreed to click bait had he not written such an insanely long piece. Still don't agree with his review. Especially the fast travel point. Such a weird "option" to fault the game for. But hey its his opinion. Which steers me to other reviewers with interests like mine and not lIke his.

Meatyboy1093d ago

'Some movies are Oscar bait. Fallout 4 is shameless Game Of The Year bait'

Yeah shame on them trying to make the best game of the year! We all see through you Bethesda you scumbags