MiddleEast Gamers: Braid Review

Rabie Hassoun Writes:

"Many people might think of XBLA as an ideal place to download remakes of classical games. That is true; many publishers have brought back some very good classics for us on XBLA. Now with the release of the new generation of XBLA games however, things might just start to change. And I hope this game, Braid, is the first sign of amazing and innovative things to come. Braid as a game is a first of a kind on XBLA and the Xbox 360 overall. So good and original, that many retail games can only wish they are half as good as Braid in action. So what is the fuss all about exactly?

You are a kid called Tim dressed up in a suit and a red tie, living out what seems to be like a set of weird dreams, six dreams to be precise. Each dream is stranger than the other, with each level giving Tim a different power to help him solve the puzzles. The levels in Braid are not huge at all; you can actually finish the whole game in 20 minutes of running around. The goal of the game however, is to actually solve each puzzle on hand."

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