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Gaming Boulevard wrote:

Black Ops 3 comes packed with tons of innovation and content to keep fans of the genre pleased for months to come. The single player is unique and thrilling but note that this mode is only playable on the current generation of consoles. The Zombie mode and multiplayer offer enough changes to feel fresh and innovating. Introducing the Specialists to the multiplayer was a great decision, including free running wasn’t necessary on the other hand. If you’re looking for a first person shooter with an interesting story and active online community, Black Ops 3 is the one you need.

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JKSimmons1093d ago

I'm glad Call of Duty fans seem to be enjoying this game (or at least that's the vibe I got, I could be wrong), but I gave the series a shot a few times and it's just not for me.

GamerzElite1092d ago

8.5 WTF, come play on steam, this game is a biggest crap created by Treyarch. Every patch broke something in the game.

For dis-agree: Plz read steam community here