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Excerpt: "With a year since the original release of The Crew, the game was an ambitious take on the massively-multiplayer open-world driving game. Personally, it failed tonally with its story and with the actual driving, which is undoubtedly the most important aspect of a racing game. Between then and now, that’s been fixed, and The Crew‘s new expansion, Wild Run is about having some real fun while doing some cool things the base game wouldn’t allow. This expansion gives The Crew a boost to its personality, making it almost a necessary addition to The Crew."

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uth111091d ago

what's with all these reviews that say how much better Wild Run is over vanilla "The Crew", and yet give it the same score as the original (or worse!)?

makes no sense

HawkSE1088d ago

For me, and as I state in the review, the "Wild Run" expansion is solid, but itself is not that great. Though when it is coupled with the main game and the improvements from the patch, it is great.

If I were to score it as a bundle, it would be a 4/5.

totallysane1090d ago

Good to know it looks and feels better, I thought I had officially shelved my copy but I may continue with it now. Never liked the handling always felt like driving a boat out of water.