Thinking Green: Game controllers should go eco-friendly

Gamertell has posted an article where the writer suggests that, using the wind-up TV remote as an example, game controllers could become battery free.

From the article:

"The Wind-Up Remote Control uses hand power instead of battery power. It works by rotating a wheel at the bottom of the remote until the controller is completely charged...

If the technology behind this device takes off the chances of us seeing some eco-friendly controllers aren't too far behind."

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SeanScythe3779d ago

I'm so sick of this eco friendly B.S.! Next thing we will be as bad off as Cuba with not being able to afford cars, A/C, or anything we have developed. Because we have to save the snails because they are part of nature.

People need to know things change and things die it's part of life nothing will live forever. Before we know it an astoroid is going to smash into us and kill everything. What then are the little greenpeace going to protest the thing before it hits us?

Baba19063778d ago

lol, lets destroy the world becouse a astoroid might crush us! you have no logic at all. how can you compare an astoroid that might fall on earth with the human destruction and world contamination we do. sure the outcome is the same, but for the sake of our future and of those of our children and of theire children we should be more aware of what we do and at least try to not destroy it.
Im no greenpeace guy or anything, far from it, but what you wright there is just plain crazy. Sure you dont care about this stuff. but you seem to approve human sucrifice just for your tecnology.