10 Reasons Fallout 4 WON'T be Game of the Year

While Fallout 4 might be riding high on a wave of popularity at the moment, here are just a few good reasons why CheatCC thinks it'll barley miss the coveted brass ring of Game of the Year.

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AudioEppa1091d ago

This comment section Is about to look like the post apocalypse...

joab7771091d ago

I love TW3 and Bloodborne and would be happy of either won. Though many games will win GotY awards.

But these reasons are odd. Yeah, you can nitpick the graphics b/c you played TW3, but when compared to F3, it's dramatic. And TW3 doesn't have near as much going on all at once (internal systems).

And how were the levels and enemy interactions superior in Fallout 3? You can argue that there's no destruction of a city moment, but personally I found a ton of great stories, interactions etc. And easter eggs, really?

How about all the positive additions in a game in which you can do just about whatever you want. Spend 10 hrs building a settlement? Sure. Actually play in 1St person with amazing weapins you have crafted and switch to 3rd ro see your insane stitched together armor. Check. Actualy difficulty that challenges you. Its there unless you pkay on normal, and then well, its your fault you are bored. The covers at ion is a bit different but I remember when ppl bitched about so much antiquated text and raved about ME's wheel.

All I know is this, more than the story or the combat, Fallout and Skyrim are about being dropped in a huge immersion world that you get completely lost in. Is it similar? Of course, and that's a great thing.

All I know is that in 3-4 yrs, more ppl will be playing Fallout 4 than any other games released this yr.

GamerzElite1091d ago

COD fanboy never understand a good game.

Unreal011091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Hang on. I have both Call Of Duty and Fallout, they're both great games, stop spouting cod hating garbage.

OT: As long as it's not MGSV then I'll be happy, that game was sheer disappointment, and that's coming for a huge MGS fan. I think logically GOTY contenders are:

Fallout 4
Rise Of The Tomb Raider
Mortal Kombat X
Black Ops 3
Destiny: Taken King
The Witcher 3

I think Bloodborne will get the majority of awards.

WellyUK1091d ago

MGSV was a very mediocre game that some how got 10/10. Either Bloodborne or Witcher 3 deserve to win most GOTY awards because they are actually good.

chris13gt1091d ago

One reason: The Witcher 3.

Lighter91091d ago

::reads title:: ::sighs::

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The story is too old to be commented.