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Connected Digital World writes: For the first time since World at War, Call of Duty finally allowed itself a beta. Running primarily for people who pre-ordered the game, it was initially scheduled for just a few days; however the folks behind the scenes not only extended the runtime of the beta, but also eventually made it open to anyone with a passing interest. Along with the opportunity to stress test the servers a little more rigorously, it also gave the community a chance to have their own say in regards to balancing issues and potential glitches. With this foresight, can the people at Treyarch improve it?

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Livecustoms1092d ago

I too would give it a similar score, really enjoyed Cod this year, In Treyarch We Trust ;)

ZombieKiller1092d ago

Meh, although the game is decent, why do they always have to make their characters such tough guys?! It's like failed WWE tryouts every time you end the match!

At what point did they hear the phrase "About to get Kinetic in this AO" and decide THIS IS COOL.

Zombies god it's awesome. Id give it a fair 7.5/10