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CVG ~ Words via Xbox World: To fully understand what Damnation is about, you have to forget about Gears of War 2. Forget about the fact they're both third-person shooters. Forget that they both use the same satisfying over-the-shoulder aiming method. Forget that both have the same darkened 'ruined beauty' visual style that is the Unreal Engine's trademark. (Although later levels, set in sun-soaked mountains and sun-starved tundras do much to take the engine out of its comfort zone.) Forget that the logos are somewhat, ahem, similar. (It's a work in progress.) Forget even, that Damnation is staring down the barrel of a release date crunch with GOW2 this winter. Because despite all of that, Damnation and GOW2 sit at opposite ends of the third-person shooter dinner table.
There is no cover system in Damnation. This is an old-school balls-out fast-paced shooter in the vein of Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament 2004, and in actual fact began life as a mod for the latter title. Damnation was as an entry into the 2005 'Make Something Unreal' competition, eventually finishing in a very impressive second place. (The winning entry, Red Orchestra by Tripwire, was eventually given a full release on PC via Steam.) Then a first-person shooter, Damnation opened eyes with its unorthodox steampunk-Western style, but its real draw was the ease with which the fast-paced combat was fused with an exploration element more in keeping with traditional platform games such as the Sands of Time. Several years and many tweaks later, Damnation is poised to enthral a wider audience.

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