Lara Croft’s Survival Instinct Nearly Breaks Rise Of The Tomb Raider


"A couple of days ago I overheard fellow editors Jeff Cork and Kimberley Wallace jokingly say they used Lara Croft’s “survival instinct” ability so much during Rise of the Tomb Raider that they thought they might break their Xbox One controllers. Survival instinct is Rise of the Tomb Raider’s way of showing how intricately Lara Croft studies the environment when she explores. When this ability is activated, Lara’s world fades to black and white and key objects within it are highlighted in shining gold. It’s a handy tool for pinpointing interactive objects, breakable structures, and items Lara can loot."

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Loktai1092d ago

Sigh.., desperately trying to keep this game in the limelight.

What sane gamer would go into this long description of "survival instincts" ... we've had these focus/eagle vison/listen things for like how long a decade? its not worth going into detail about , def not unique.

coolbeans1092d ago

What? Doesn't mean we can't examine IF eagle vision/survival instincts works in THIS particular context.

poppinslops1092d ago

Instinct can be toggled to only show collectible/interactive objects, beacons/pins or turned off altogether... Personally, I'm playing on 'Survivor' with instinct set to only show beacons, which still requires exploration, but helps me to keep the story rolling as I see fit.

Hell of a good game... It'll probably end up being one of those titles I immediately replay.