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"Xenoblade Chronicles X wastes no time getting started. After a brief intro and an opportunity to create your own character, you're unceremoniously awoken from a stasis pod that crash landed on the alien planet Mira. With no memory and only the barest hint of an objective, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I fumbled my way through the small grassy enclosure, maneuvering around the few creatures grazing around me (ok, maybe I fought a few to get used to the battle controls). "

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iplay1up21093d ago

I get more and more psyched every time I read a preview. I am going to pre-load next week. It is available 12am est time US on Dec 4th which is only 9pm for me in So Cali So I have a feeling I will be up late that night😁

wonderfulmonkeyman1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

I'm in So-Cali too!XD
I'm opting for the digital version to save space, though, so I have to wait until game stop opens to snag my copy.
A bit more of a wait but it's worth it.

I'm debating over whether or not I want to do a public gaming session with it, though; it'd be really fun to take it to a local starbucks with a small flat screen TV I own.

Imagine the reaction I'd get from people in the shop during that opening moment when the sun rises, the fog-enshrouded night parts, and that gigantic dinosaur-like indigen arcs its body high into the air, as the camera slowly zooms out into a panoramic view of the vistas of Primordia...
I think I'd get more than a few questions about what I'm playing from the curious cappuccino slurpers.XD

wonderfulmonkeyman1092d ago

Oops, meant to say physical version, not digital.

franwex1092d ago

That's interesting. Never heard of anyone publicly playing a game in Starbucks before.

wonderfulmonkeyman1092d ago

@ Fran
I used to do it quite frequently back when I lived in a different area.
There was a small library that had a lot of kids come around it frequently, so I decided to bring Brawl and my Wii in one day[low volume of course] and let them play it while they were there.
It became a hit with both kids and adults, so I started doing it in other locations that had outlets for customers, using a small grey TV that could be carried under one arm and an extra socket extension.
The only thing I don't do is play online games in locations like that; it helps keep me safe from people who would accuse me of hogging bandwidth.

For a little while, it was the only way I had to play video games, because I had gone homeless for about a month.^^;;

But I digress; yeah, I'm thinking of doing it with Xenoblade on launch day. There's two starbucks within 3 miles of my house, and some people seem to appreciate having something new and interesting to watch while they drink their coffee.
Even the employees seem to like it, and often watch me during lulls in customer service or when on their breaks.XD

iplay1up21091d ago

That would be awesome! I am in Santa Clarita like 10 min from Magic Mountain. Where are you in So Cali?

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3-4-51092d ago

How is the battle system compared to Xenoblade Chronicles Wii/3DS ?

That was the one thing I didn't really like, and I ended up only playing like 12 hours of it and returned it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1092d ago

The basics of it are the same, but it's a lot deeper.
You have more control over commands for your party, more classes to go through, more gear to find and many, MANY new upgrades to them[think the Gems from the first game, only less confusing], and a cosmetic costume option that allows you to wear stuff over your best armor so you can look how you want without sacrificing stats.
There's also the ability to target enemy limbs to destroy them, which disables attacks they use those limbs for and also raises your chances of more items after battle[ Yes, Monster Hunter.XD], and the mid-battle QTE thing with the shrinking circle returns, only this time you can control what buffs it gives you, what situations activate it, and what everyone says when they make it appear as well.

Also, any class who's tree you make it all the way through will be "unlocked" so you can mix and match its weapons with any of the other classes you've unlocked.

So basically, take the battle system from the first game, then make it MUCH deeper and MUCH more user-friendly.
Then add mechs.

If you didn't like the first game's combat then this message might not convince you, but there are videos about how deep it has become.
I would suggest watching at least the official Nintendo Survival Guide video about it. "Planetary Survival 101" or something like that.

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Crimzon1092d ago

Very beautiful and technically impressive game considering the hardware that it's running on. I honestly think that this game gives the offerings on PS4/XB1 a run for their money with the sheer size and scale of the world, and it's nice to see something so genuinely imaginative with what it shows and offers to players. I might be alone in thinking this, but it really does make games like Fallout 4, The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition look downright dull and uninspired.

When I look at Xenoblade Chronicles X I'm struck with the same sense of wonder and awe that I had when reading about Final Fantasy 7 prior to release and then finally playing it. It's definitely shaping-up to be something special in the genre and seems to really get what makes RPGs so special in the first place.

HentaiMasterRace1092d ago

Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3 definitely AREN'T dull and uninspired. This game does look pretty though.

richyque1092d ago

Very beautiful and technically impressive game considering the hardware that it's running on. at best it looks like a late stage ps2 game.

_-EDMIX-_1092d ago

I wouldn't say all that, but its pretty clear the game is dated, but what it lacks in graphical visual effects, it makes up for in gameplay. Playing the Japanese import for a few weeks now on and off, its pretty fun, but it won't win any huge awards on graphics, but most won't. Who cares.

Same situation with Fallout 3 last gen, it wasn't the best looking game that gen, not even top 10, damn not even TOP 20! But it over all was an amazing experience where graphics didn't really play much of a role. it went on to do 10 million units (last I checked). I'm not sure how they game looks like, will really effect it that much, I'm liking it and I could care less how it looks.

Mind you, all of the high end games on PS4 and XONE will look vastly more graphically impressive then this game, even more so then Fallout 3 was to other games last gen, at least Fallout 3 was in the same hardware spectrum as those other games, PS4 and XONE are just different systems and those games featured on there will always be better looking then those Wii U games graphically speaking.

But I don't see that actually really hurting this game, most JRPGs are not the best looking titles on earth, only a small handful really do that ie Final Fantasy's, Yakuza series etc.

Italiano12345671092d ago

The world itself looks good everything else looks terrible

RPGrinder1091d ago

You are factually wrong.