Everything Wrong With Fallout 4

You know it’s coming, PlayStation LifeStyle takes a look at everything wrong with Fallout 4! While Bethesda managed to craft a game that is still a must-play for franchise and genre fans, there’s still quite a few issues with it that bears mentioning.

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sullynathan1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Yup there's going to be a lot of butthurt on this video and excuses for Bethesda in the comments.

Man, who are these guys that disagree my comments within the minute I post it?

PMind1091d ago

Where's your video about everything right with FO4?

Jerredh1091d ago

Didnt watch video. Came here to tell you you are a pathetic click bait journalist. Every game has issues and you only made this to incite long time fallout fans to watch your video and start a war. If you want to be noticed how about get some real, interesting stories and earn some real cred. Cause at this rate you'll be cleaning up a fast food restraunt after hours.

RedTriangle531091d ago

"Why are people allowed to hold different opinions from me? I'm a little fucking sissy prancing princess, and unless people spend all their time and energy on indulging in my pathetic fucking megalomaniacal narcissism, I start whining like a little bitch".

Oh noooooo, poor you! I'll be sure to bribe a judge to get the author of the article flayed in a public square. His transgressions are inhuman, for surely no human could ever bring themselves to do their fucking jobs as game critics.

Jamesx82x1091d ago

Do people not understand this is a segment done for multiple games and not something they made just to pick on Fallout or Bethesda.

Chaosdreams1091d ago

Good reasons / list and I'd say most would agree with it.

It's weird that the dialogue tree took a noise dive when in the past it was incredibly strong. It feels like they dropped the ball randomly there. As for the bugs/glitches, well if anyone was surprised by that then I'm sorry but...wake up lol

Got to admit though, if the load times can be improved through patches and someone mods the dialogue tree, the only real complaints left are "the bugs" which some find hilarious and then the watered down rpg elements/weapons not breaking (which is a bummer, should've been an option.)

Otherwise, F4 is awesome from the looks of things, can't see why anyone would get upset by this video, heck, it's extremely calm lol