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It might not be the cream of the JRPG crop, but the Tales series has generally provided an entertaining enough spectacle to recruit a strong following. The latest iteration, Tales of Zestiria, attempts to take the series to a new level but occasionally trips up over its own innovations, and ultimately doesn’t do enough to counter its weaknesses. That said, it also includes all the elements that have made the series successful and will keep all the usual suspects happy.

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R6ex1092d ago

Enjoying this nice little JRPG now on PC. :)

Magnus1092d ago

If only Namco would drop the stream lockout for the game on PS4 I would really enjoy it more.

Spotie1092d ago

It's a story-heavy game(like all jrpgs). I get why some might want to stream it or see it streamed, but I'm also perfectly fine with that ability NOT being there.

Magnus1091d ago

Even so they had SAO streaming when it came out and people who played the pc version of Zesteria were able to stream the game on Twitch.

VsAssassin1092d ago

I wish Tales of Berseria draws from the strengths of ToZ. True open world with seamless transition between maps. ToB should also simplify the convoluted equipment/skill system of ToZ.

rextraordinaire1092d ago

I like it so far, I think I'm nearing the end. Only thing is I wish I understood equipment fusion waaay sooner, as it is it's over complicated for not much...