Games 10, Critics 0: Thoughts on Star Wars Battlefront Getting the Critical Shaft

EB: To opine is human, but to opine with some objectivity and intelligent appreciation is the job of a critic. Have critics let their distrust of all things EA color their opinion of Battlefront and their fawning love of Bethesda tint their view of Fallout 4?

Well, at least we can all agree that Rise of the Tomb Raider is just about perfect.

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AudioEppa1095d ago

This is why I look at games media for entertainment only and not their opinions, it never used to be this way though, EGM magazine years ago had perfect reviewing even if I disagree with their final score.

Now it has become some ugly circle of websites/individuals doing reviews who don't even like the kind of game they're reviewing, which always ends up with their shitty attitude about the game as they push their agenda building up games they do like.

And after the review drama surrounding Kane and Lynch, now we get idiots who give harsh reviews for money clicks to target two different gaming crowds. Those who get offended because they like whatever game or those who are thirsty for negativity to justify their dislike of whatever game.

Now there still might be some decent people within games media, but usually they are the less talked about because they're not edgy attention whores.

For example, Kinda Funny Games is mega popular and I'm a fan, and not because their PlayStation oriented, but because they only play and talk about games they like.

venom061095d ago

Battlefront really is fun to play, but sadly, fools have been bitchin about this game since January, and those close to Angry Joe solidifying that stupid hatred @ E3. So it was only expected to get some dumb ass reviews from him and others that parrot whatever he says.

SolidGear31095d ago

Yeah, I've been following Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty since 2008 on IGN. I've always trusted them.

vikingland11095d ago

I agree and even the sites that I trust most have some qustionable reviews.

I use twitch and youtube alot nowdays. There I can watch games being played by real gamers. It helps me decide if I want to buy a game. I bought Untill Dawn after watching twitch.

SolidDuck1095d ago

I agree with this articles overall point. Not there opinions on these games. Well except tomb raider is great. Battlefront is the most style over substance game I've ever played. Looks and sounds amazing. Controls ok at best, generic modes, 13 maps for a multiplayer only game, not close to enough, most the weapons feel very similar, terrible spawn points on certain modes, $50 season pass which will split the player base. Sorry for me it looks great, but comes up short in many categories.

pompombrum1095d ago

I think style over substance sums up the game perfectly. You can only score a game so high when so much emphasis is placed on the style.. even if it is based on such an iconic IP as Star Wars. If you take away the Star Wars license, you'd have an extremely bland and uninspired shooter game that would probably be dead in a few months unless they released it as a f2p game.

spicelicka1095d ago

Biggest problem is critics lose their objectivity by trying to punish games for either not being to their liking or they review games they have no interest in for clicks.

Half the reviews I see, the review has no idea what the game is about. It's just a disk they received in the mail and they feel they have enough authority to say whatever they want, whatever will generate the most buzz. They're fanboys too in a way.

dennett3161095d ago

You seem to only want positivity, yet talk about's a little weird.
Sometimes people just don't like a game....that doesn't make their opinion invalid. What would you have that person do? It's not "punishing" a game to rate it low, that's such a bizarre way to look at things.

Looking at your second paragraph, I have no idea what reviews you're reading. Your perspective is so baffling...what are you talking about when you mention their authority to say what they want? They are people giving their opinions, it's not about authority. I'm not saying there are no bad reviewers out there...there are. But it seems like you look at reviewers as if they're an enemy, you've so woefully miscategorised what it is they actually do, and why.

Spotie1095d ago

I don't get that out of his comment.

What he means by games not being to the reviewer's liking is when they complain about a game not doing something it was never supposed to do in the first place.

Often, reviewers will review a game while not liking the genre or the franchise, or even the platform. You see this often, and you can tell this dislike colors their reviews.

They're not supposed to say "This is why -I- like this game." That's good for ONE person. What they should be saying is, "This is how well this game does what it tries to do. If that's what you're looking for in a game, you'll find this game has succeeded/failed."

We don't get that in reviews anymore. Not in gaming reviews.

For what they SHOULD be like, read- or watch- a pro review from somewhere like Motor Trend.

Nodoze1095d ago

Considering many in the 'media' rely upon these same publishers for their existence all objectivity is gone from the start. I am not saying they are all jaded, but how deeply do you bite into the hand that feeds you? Not very deep.

With that thought I am always interested to see if they write about ridiculous practices such as $50 DLC (which is not mentioned here). It needs to be called out. It is abhorrent.

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