Alone in the Dark: PC Vs Xbox 360

The fate of Alone in the Dark lies somewhere between these two extremes, on one hand, the game sucks horribly because of a shoddy implementation of what I feel were innovative concepts that were ahead of the established nomenclature in the industry, whilst on the other Alone in the Dark garnered such pathetic sales figures that it is already a strong contender for worst/mediocre game of the year award.

So which version should the consumer go for to experience some innovative ideas introduced this year? (Soulcalibur IV owners please refrain from reading any further):

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Zerodin3754d ago

No matter who wins, we all lose!

Hellsvacancy3754d ago

wait 4 the Ps3 version 2 cum out hopefully itll b alot better sayin that i never had any intentions on buyin this i shall rent it

Filet of Children3754d ago

I felt kind of bad for Alone In The Dark (2008). It really did have a bunch of great ideas in there, but the controls were just awful. I wanted to like it, I really did, but it thwarted me at every turn.

Dannagar3754d ago

As stupid as this sounds, I'm determine to finish Alone In the Dark but I'm hating every minute of it. The game is truly bad.

Filet of Children3754d ago

Yeah, I don't have quite enough self-loathing to be able to go thru the entire game...

lwsbrck3753d ago

i just got the 360 demo and liked it, i really did, whilst the controlls were abysmal, the ease of switching pepective made it easier to use it as an FPS for most of the time, which it is reasonably tollerable with.

I'm buying it, the game is amazing from what i have heard from people that like it (its a marmite game so i've heard, love it or hate it)

Marcus Fenix3753d ago

it's a really good game with smart puzzle solving, you will feel comfortable with the controls by the time u finish 1/4 of the game, and as the guy above me said, it's a really good game but not for everyone, if the control is the only issue, I suggest that u give it some patient.