Wii U not much more powerful than Vita,... wait no that's wrong

Tyrone Rodriguez, the man behind The Binding of Isaac, says that Nintendo's Wii U isn't much more powerful than Sony's PS Vita handheld and that the lack of horsepower in both may block Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth from coming to these devices. GGG discusses why Rodriguez is wrong to say this about Nintendo's console and why he's not doing any favors for himself, the game or his publisher Nicalis.

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SegaSaturn6691092d ago

Id give him a pass. I mean, the wii u specs are easier to quantify. We have a semi functional wii u emulator.
We only recently discovered the usual vita clockspeed.

the psp ran at 222-333 mhz. The vita runs at 400mhz. Not a huge difference. Its probably battery technology holding back processing power.

The irony of this article is that binding of isaac is the only other game than xenoblade that requires a new 3ds to play.

Miguelitons1092d ago

What a stupid comment from a developer. He better should have been quiet. But in the end where does it come from, Nicalis. This will not shine a good light on them.

garrettbobbyferguson1091d ago

"This will not shine a good light on them"

Tyrone and Edmund have been pissing people off with Afterbirth. I don't understand why they're making any comments that might make people angrier.

Miguelitons1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

After these words I don't care anymore if they will bring Afterbirth to the Vita and Wii U, I don't support developers who prefer blaming the hardware than trying to make it work.

MrBrofist1091d ago

I think they better "Call Tyrone...."

um....sorry couldn't resist

brokasfawk1092d ago

Xenoblade chronicles X says hi😉
I love my wii u way more than the vita I once me it comes down to the games not power of the console

nodim1092d ago

if power is not important then how come you love wiiu more xD

brokasfawk1092d ago

The games
If you have a wii u then you would have known why

nodim1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

if you didn't sell your vita before it started getting serious japanese support then you would have understood me too, I believe

Metallox1092d ago

Maybe because the Wii U isn't powerful?

nodim1091d ago

@Metallox and you're saying that vita is a lot more powerful, I take it?

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WildArmed1091d ago

Maaaan Xenoblade Chron X cannot come soonnnneeer!!!!

Neonridr1092d ago

lol, that's ridiculous.

nirwanda1092d ago

Probably not as ridiculous as you might expect, Wii U is about 3x more processing power but by the time you factor in resolutions 960x544 vs 1920x1080 and aa buffering etc they are not as far apart as you may think.
Obviously you would expect a 2d game to run fine on both though.

Neonridr1090d ago

so one CPU is equal to the entire Vita power. You also forgot to mention how much more powerful the GPU in the Wii U would be. Not to mention it is based on a GPGPU configuration which means some calculations normally done by the CPU can be offloaded as well.

Factoring in extra RAM and such, I am sure the difference is a lot more than 3x.

R00bot1092d ago

It's a 2D game tho it could run on the original Wii no problem.

mrbojingles1092d ago

I wouldn't necessarily say that. I hear it runs poor even on New 3DS, which has a Quad Core ARM and 256MB RAM. Its easy to forget the Wii had a single core 729Mhz PowerPC CPU and like 88MB RAM. Heck, I don't even think Isaac would fit on the Wii's 512MB internal memory either.

rextraordinaire1092d ago

Sounds like poor coding/optimization on the developers side...

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