Metal Gear Solid 5 Novel Author: "Kingdom of the Flies" Doesn't Influence Story, May Release As DLC

Looks like Kojima did not wanted episode 51 to be a part of the game to begin with.

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DarXyde1118d ago

"A mess"?

That's wording you reserve for games that are broken at launch. Before any patches, it's been fine since day one.

2pacalypsenow1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Story wise it was a mess, and MGS is based on storytelling so to me the game had a bad story making it a mess. No where near as good as previous MGS games especially 4, I guess that's what happens when you listen to the media and change your game to please some people. Def not as memorable as previous games. That's just my take

DarXyde1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Story does play a big role in Metal Gear Solid. I can agree it was weak compared to some of the others, especially Snake Eater. But in terms of gameplay mechanics, I find that it is fantastic.

The story wasn't poorly told though if that's what you mean. I just feel it could be fleshed out much more. I enjoyed all of the games from Metal Gear, but Metal Gear Solid 4 is on another spectrum in terms of what it offers. I enjoyed MGS4 quite a bit and understand Kojima was trying to tie up loose ends, but the story to gameplay ratio was definitely a problem. I suppose the same can be said for V, but at the very least, V hit most of the important themes. Metal Gear Solid 4 should have had more gameplay. This is why I consider Snake Eater the perfect Metal Gear Solid. GREAT gameplay, really changed up the formula, and the story was very engaging.

WildArmed1118d ago


MGSV had some of the best open world gameplay ever to be conceived. The game literally set the standard for open world games when it comes to loading times, combat/stleath gameplay, graphics, random things to do. There is so much do this in this game, it's amazing!

Story on the other hand was it's weakest point.

-Foxtrot1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )


So much to do?'re kidding right

Doing the same things over and over doesn't count. It failed as an open world game it set no standard apart from what not to do

DarXyde1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

-Foxtrot, we get it, you don't like V.

A lot of us do. Reason being that it was genuinely a fun game. Considering Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, etc. have lacked much variety across different GAMES (two of the above being open world), I don't see a reason to pick on MGSV. And personally, for a first attempt at open world, it's very well done.

Variety was there if you were willing to challenge yourself to make use of it. Weather, time of day, loadout, partner, character, and route could all change the tone of the missions. And I promise they don't even feel like the same missions if you take all of this and use it.

Before you feel compelled to counter argue, bear in mind I likely won't read it or reply. I was simply explaining something that I feel is misunderstood about the game. I respect you mate, but we should simply disagree.

And I know you were talking to WildArmed, but I got the notification, so I figured I'd offer an explanation to a reply he or she is unlikely to see.

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Zizi1118d ago

No, it was not. TPP is stellar in many perspectives but the story. The gameplay is arguably far better than its predecessors.

This is definitely a GOTY nominee besides Arkham Knight, Wild Hunt, Bloodborne, and Fallout 4.

CaptainSellers1118d ago

Agreed, sublime gameplay, poor story.

Dragonking0071118d ago

Game that is a mess is fallout 4 completely broken engine and filled with broken quest while metal gear solid 5 launched solid and runs smooth 60fps on all current gen systems unlike fallout 4 cant keep a stable 30 even tho its using a 10 year old engine..looks like an ok last gen game but i wouldnt even consider it ok because games like gta 5 came by and blew our minds how far can a last gen game could be pushed.

letsgopal1118d ago Show
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bigboss201118d ago

It needs episode 51 👍 ends to abruptly

inmusicutrust1118d ago

My biggest complaint is that chapter 2 exists under the pretense that Eli has a strain of the vocal cord parasites, and you are lead to believe this is the subject of chapter 2, but it is never addressed! The twist in chapter 1 is never addressed past the credits!

skulz71118d ago

It would be awesome to get it as free DLC but to be honest, even if the chapter was included in the game, it doesn't excuse the fact that the story in MGS V was so poor compared to the others. Gameplay however was excellent.

hirobrotagonist1118d ago

if they release it as paid dlc, which I'd happily pay for, entitled gamers will complain. I got 100+ hours out of this game and there are games with far worse stories. If you didn't like the convoluted or sparse story, Konami doesn't owe you anything. They can definitely charge for this chapter if they feel like...Metal gear online microtransacations however, are a scam. Every game/movie/book has cut content that doesn't make it into the final product, just because you know about some of the cut content, doesn't mean they have to patch it back into the game or add it it for free when it takes additional work/money to make it.

UNKLE1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

MG,MG2 MGS1 and MGS2 was the best period,fact mgs3/mgs4 plot turned to be idiot fanservice. MGS5 plot wasn't the best but not the worst.Episode 51 would be not make mgs5 better at all not episode51 missing was the worst part of mgs5.What really missed from the game is REAL outer heaven plot, with fake bigboss when he was older and young solid snake appear...more liquid snake plot... but instead what we got?? BIG BOOBS quiet,PARASITES!!! sold the game lol...

WildArmed1118d ago

Nah brah, MGS3 was the best. Origin story that started it all.

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