Xbox 360's Dead Online Games

OXM tries out older Xbox 360 titles online to see who is still left playing them. Marvel at the diehards still clinging to F.E.A.R, WWE, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and... FIFA 2006. Yes, really.

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Montrealien3653d ago

Question : Does the whole world revolvs around your belly button?

militant073654d ago

lol boring
who want to play those crap games ??
when they got COD4/HALO3/GTA!?!!!!!!!

Close_Second3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

...opinion as I did not get into Halo 3 on-line and the less said about GTAIV on-line the better. I have also stopped playing COD4 in favor of Battlefield: Bad Company.

However, what is important is that retailers/publishers need to point out that there is little to no value for these games in terms of on-line play which may or may not effect a consumers decision to buy. Most modern games rely heavily on multiplayer aspects but if that is taken away then you're often left with an inept single player experience (e.g. COD4 single player is not worth full price in my opinion). I would also like to see more disclosure around how well a game is supported on-line in terms of dedicated servers and where they are located. For instance, we have no dedicated servers for B:BC in the part of the world which results in nothing but a lag fest 90% of the time. The lobby system for COD4 also favors overseas players which can again suck for non-american or european players.

KBDuB3654d ago

Eh, funny read, though.

I still play Splinter Cell online!

Cajun Chicken3654d ago

People move on, servers die, multiplayer games get forgotten, replaced and become 'ghost towns'.

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The story is too old to be commented.