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Submitted by PrivateRyan 2740d ago | article

Xbox 360's Dead Online Games

OXM tries out older Xbox 360 titles online to see who is still left playing them. Marvel at the diehards still clinging to F.E.A.R, WWE, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and... FIFA 2006. Yes, really. (Xbox 360)

Zerodin  +   2740d ago
I never play online.
How is this news?
Montrealien  +   2740d ago
Question : Does the whole world revolvs around your belly button?
doshey  +   2740d ago
how is this a story
militant07  +   2740d ago
lol boring
who want to play those crap games ??
when they got COD4/HALO3/GTA!?!!!!!!!
Close_Second  +   2740d ago
Its all a matter of...
...opinion as I did not get into Halo 3 on-line and the less said about GTAIV on-line the better. I have also stopped playing COD4 in favor of Battlefield: Bad Company.

However, what is important is that retailers/publishers need to point out that there is little to no value for these games in terms of on-line play which may or may not effect a consumers decision to buy. Most modern games rely heavily on multiplayer aspects but if that is taken away then you're often left with an inept single player experience (e.g. COD4 single player is not worth full price in my opinion). I would also like to see more disclosure around how well a game is supported on-line in terms of dedicated servers and where they are located. For instance, we have no dedicated servers for B:BC in the part of the world which results in nothing but a lag fest 90% of the time. The lobby system for COD4 also favors overseas players which can again suck for non-american or european players.
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KBDuB  +   2740d ago
Eh, funny read, though.

I still play Splinter Cell online!
Cajun Chicken  +   2740d ago
This is why I prefer single player games than multiplayer online games
People move on, servers die, multiplayer games get forgotten, replaced and become 'ghost towns'.
Dr Pepper  +   2740d ago
They should have tried Condemned 2, I doubt anyone plays that online anymore. Hell, there wasn't that many to begin with (and for good reason).
silvacrest  +   2740d ago
This isnt news
But it made me laugh
Ace Killa 08  +   2740d ago
i do that every now and then
i play old games i use to like and wonder why i stopped playing... 5 mins later no matches to i know why it died out slowly
wangdiddy82  +   2740d ago
and this is why every game doesnt need to have online..
I swear some people mostly the media and game sites think every game should have online or it sucks. Not every game needs it and who has time to play every freaking game they own online? Not me. I just stick with cod4, warhawk, and a couple of other titles here in there.. Cod4 and warhawk are the main 2..

I remmeber Darkness had online and there was never anyone on there.. Some games just need to stick with the single player and make that the best instead of worrying about how to throw some half a$$ crap multi player modes in..
KBDuB  +   2740d ago
I agree, but I wish every game had some type of co-op, not necessarily online multiplayer..
cheapndirty  +   2740d ago
But some people don't have the money to buy all of the latest titles. Gamestop has its buy 2 get one free used sale a few times per year. Its a great way to get games uber cheap!
Fade_Walker  +   2740d ago
Of course no one is playing Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, they are too busy faping.

So I wonder if people are still playing Dark Sector online?
PoSTedUP  +   2740d ago
people are still playing socom1 online....

i doubt socom servers will ever die, not with the ps2 still selling great. socom2 will still be played even after the ps4 has came out.
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BigKev45  +   2740d ago
Rockstar Table Tennis anyone?
ROCCOZILLA  +   2740d ago
every game that has been made for PS3 is swamped with gamers,ITS FREE you idiots.yeah thats it keep playing the halo box,you guys are gonna get left behind.PLAY B3YOND waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay B3YOND!!
ROCCOZILLA  +   2740d ago
this monster of a game is the BEST online shooter of the with conquest,i cant stop playing it.everyone is trading in COD4 for BATTLEFIELD!!!!ONLINE INSANITY!!!!!
badz149  +   2740d ago
but but but...
360 owners said that with P2P on XBL, they'll still get to play any game online years after its release! yeah right! even with the P2P working, no player = nothing! they bashed PS3 games with dedicated servers saying that someday the server will be shut down thus making the game unplayable online! they obviously don't no about SOCOM servers!
jaja1434  +   2740d ago
So no people playing means no P2P...which is somehow different from a server with 0 population? I mean your argument is just downright silly. A P2P type is already ready to go given enough people are there to play it, but if a private server goes(and no one wants to host/pony up money for a new server) then you have no option.

I mean I get that you're trying to insult the 360 for some really misguided and childish reason, but come on, at least do with with a good argument.
Ali_The_Brit  +   2740d ago
goddamn xbox live, the one time i rely on you to give me your so called 'superior' online experience (my ass) you fail

got lost planet cheap today, instead of PS3 on the simple basis of-

360 has a larger install base
it started off as an exlusive
all in all im assuming its sold more on xbox than PS3

so by that logic there would be more people to play with online right?


there was seriously as much people playing the actual lost planet game on the 360 as there was people playing the free online demo on the PS3

What a goddamn joke

guess all the retards are playing halo
Montrealien  +   2739d ago
that made no sense.

Play the game you want how you want, where you want.
kcdude  +   2740d ago
Prey and BK: Pocket Bike Racer are dead too.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2740d ago
1 day a long time ago
I downloaded wing commander on day 1 & 1 guy was online!
Pkukn worse than that it wasn't a open world spaceshipshooter galaga style in 3d!
the POS controls for it Was Even Worse!
almost $15 dollars for that garbage! Its the little things that pissed me of before my TRADE.

This article is relevant because it forces gamers to be social & make friends. Who got time for that
I'm american & I need enemies!
Never again I told myself to download or put any more money in the xbox because you know,: downloads
dont comeback when the pos breaks again.

The more people who buy into a xbox the more likely to know & have a rrod bullet.
PS3 is where at! Real gamers who dont give Phuck!

I'm currently playing MGO online! Shotguns & pistols in the tunnels! Merryl & Akiba
accepted. Newbies welcome so I can level up on them! Ha ha!
wallace1000  +   2740d ago
A strange story. If people like games then there is no reason why they still wouldn't be playing them online every so often if they like them.
Serjikal_Strike  +   2740d ago
heres another one thats dead in the water
STRANGLEHOLD.... I checked
Rob Hornecker  +   2740d ago
I still enjoy playing Battlefield2 and GRAW online. Even though they have been around awhile ,there still seems to be people online to play with.
Xi  +   2739d ago
At least it's nice having the option.
If they used dedicated servers they wouldn't bother keeping them up.

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