The Exploding Barrel Presents: Spoiler Alert Podcast - Episode 4

The Exploding Barrel covers some of the biggest news of the week, including such hot-button issues as Gamestop's shady dealings, Braid, Pixel Junk Eden, the Madden Curse, Too Human's dark cloud of negative hype, Mascot face-offs, and Dark Sector's craptacular ending.

Warning: This Podcast is rated M for imMature: contains alcohol and drug references, comic mischief, and loads and loads of [email protected]#king profanity.

Open up your heart and let the sarcasm shine through!

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Hey gang, let us know what you think of our (relatively) new podcast. We're so small, we can actually take what you say into account. So keep it constuctive, and let your voice be heard. We're listening.