Intel Nehalem's Market Named Leaked to be Core i7

Tom's HArdware Reports: "If the rumors are to be correct, the Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processors will officially be announced August 11 with an expected launch date of Q4 2008.

Nahalem is expected to be initially manufactured with a 45nm process and be available with two, four, or eight cores, for up to 731 million transistors in the quad core variant. A very exciting aspect of the new architecture is the new integrated memory controller, called the Intel QuickPath Interconnect, with DDR3 SDRAM support, which will eliminate the bottleneck that was the front side bus and which had been haunting Intel for years. This should result in a substantial performance increase despite Intel's competition, AMD, having been using an integrated memory controller in their processors for years."

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Tomdc3776d ago

translation: intel thing with yet more power yay!!! who saw that one coming?

fezthabest3776d ago

and bad news

Well its great that they are creating more power with esp the integrated memory controller and hyper-threading. Also making the perfomance to watt ratio better.
Bad news that i would need to by a new mobo with the new socket 1366, for the desktop version grr


TheIneffableBob3776d ago

Well, LGA755 has been around since Pentium 4, so a new socket was bound to happen sooner or later.

mirroredderorrim3776d ago

I believe before I switched to Mac, I was working on a 939 board. 1300+ is surprising to me, being that I have failed to keep up with tech due to overwelming responsibilities.

I wish they could have gone further with features on the chip, because replacing the old board could be a problem for some people not willing to do so, just to switch to a new chip with more cores and a nice bottleneck removal. I don't even know what I am asking for, but I know this is not enough for me to ditch my old rig, at least not this chip line.

gumgum993776d ago

Nothing can hide from the internet, my friends


on a side note, the quad core is an almost given. neat specs though.

took em long enough