Star Wars Battlefront Review – A Rebellion Reborn - The Koalition

DICE revitalizes the popular Battlefront series. Is it the Star Wars game we always wanted?

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Romudeth1093d ago

I had to pass on this game since it has no single player mode.

Rimeskeem1093d ago

Now, I understand people disagree with this opinion but...

What if they did make a story? What if that story didnt follow the normal cannon of the universe? What if that story didn't have any of the cannon characters?

There are so many what ifs that could happen I highly doubt people would have been pleased with the campaign, especially the fans. Also, what happened if Disney made EA and DICE make the game with no story? (this question may have been answered already but i do not know)

I just think that if DICE had screwed up the story, people would be even more pissed off.

Nekroo911093d ago

I remember when DICE games didn't have story modes and people weren't acting like spoiled brats.

But yes they made a Star wars game with a rich universe so they had the chance to make any story.

Romudeth1090d ago

I see your point and you might be right on that front. I'm speaking for myself here since I don't enjoy MP-only games. I'm looking forward to the Amy Hennig-lead Star Wars game since that one will have SP. I'm not knocking Battlefront in anyway. I played it and thought it was solid. It just isn't for me. Personally, I would have preferred any story to no story but that's me.

WellyUK1093d ago

DICE cannot do campaigns... There is NO loss in not having a campaign. Then there is the fact the game was always shown as a MP only game and people still say this. The SP Star Wars games are coming just wait.

SwiffEpics1093d ago

I liked the beta, but it doesn't seem like it has enough content to justify the price.

rbailey1093d ago

The beta pretty much was all i needed to know what this game had to offer lol