EA talks Star Wars Battlefront content access from Disney and DLC

Battlefront is an incredible game to play as DICE has created one of the most immersive games yet, and the level of access they received from Disney is partly why.

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-Foxtrot1093d ago

I guess the mixed reception just went right over their heads

_-EDMIX-_1093d ago

"Battlefield 4 was released in 2013 and that game still has been receiving updates and new content ever since."

Something I think many like to hear going into this Star Wars title as knowing it will get long term support from updates, free content, paid content etc is nice to hear.

". All of our teams are thinking about what's the engagement model to keep the consumer and really entertain them for a long period of time?"

I hope this means they will address server support for the base maps after the DLC comes out as more people will play the base game then the DLC maps and support in terms of servers should be up and working for all, that will for sure keep people playing if its still supported properly.

If its anything like BF3 or BF4's post launch support, we'll be fine.

1093d ago
_-EDMIX-_1093d ago

@Doctor- DICE didn't do that game....

Also I agree, it doesn't mean it will factually be supported well as neither of us can tell the future, merely that DICE has a strong history of long term support of all their titles. Consider BF4 is still getting content currently...

Chaosdreams1093d ago

Incredibly immersive, for an hour, and then you realize "Hey...where's the rest?"

SynestheticRoar1093d ago

I would feel victimise leaving any retail establishment with this in my hand.

1093d ago
sparced1093d ago

I'll maybe buy it in 12 months like how I only recently picked up the full Destiny pack.

Skate-AK1093d ago

I got the game for free so I don't have any issue with the lack of content personally. I could see that being an issue though. I just don't like how the the multiplayer progression is so bare-bones for a predominantly multiplayer game. Lack of maps is also a bummer. I played a whole map rotation in around 45 mins last night on Supremacy.

The Blast mode is trash because of the crap spawns and the game just needs a little more polish overall, as a whole. I feel that every blaster needs a slight damage buff excluding the DL-44. I have the Deluxe Edition and I won't even use that gun because it is so OP.