Take-Two comments on Bioshock's future, says its a 'permanent franchise'

2K and Take-Two seem to be planning for a future with the popular franchise, however, gamers have yet to hear anything on what is officially happening with it.

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scark921093d ago

I personally am not the biggest Bioshock fan but I do not mind to see what comes about in the future, I have yet to play Infinite, beat the first two though!

SolidGear31093d ago

Very excited about future BioShock titles since 2K Marin (BioShock 2) will be heading development. Also excited about The BioShock Collection if true.

DigitalRaptor1093d ago

Good news, but without Ken Levine, would it be worth it?

I suppose BioShock 2 was a great game and worthy entry without the his input, but I wouldn't particularly want a BioShock Infinite 2, and Bio2 was built on the amazing ground-work he laid in creative vision.

If 2K Marin can create a brand new entry and blow our socks off - i will be really impressed.

BrianOBlivion1092d ago

I agree with every sentiment except that I would love a follow-up to the brilliant Bioshock Infinite.

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