Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One Ranks 22nd in Japan; Black Ops III Sells 2,000 Copies on Xbox

Like every Friday, Media Create released its top 50 chart, following the top 20 on Wednesday, and you can finally get an idea of the performance of Rise of the Tomb Raider in the country.

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Eonjay1094d ago

"the game sold 2,000 copies in two weeks between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 version..."

Its always much worse than what I imagined. By comparison, 2,800 copies of Tomb Raider seems better (expecially on just the Xbox One) but alas, thats really poor sales.

Death1094d ago

Japan and Xbox mix like oil and water.

zsquaresoff1094d ago

You could say that about any country where Ps4 is dominatimg against xbox one.

Rotr didn't exactly have massive success in Uk, one of its major markets.

KwietStorm1093d ago Show
magiciandude1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Japan and most western games mix like oil and water. Xbox One has very little to offer for Japanese gamers. I think much of the Xbox One sales come from Americans living there.

"You could say that about any country where Ps4 is dominatimg against xbox one."

Would be nice to know what dominatimg means.

badz1491093d ago

SE is kicking themselves in the nuts while we are speaking. This is one of those worst decision in gaming. Even CoD maintained 1st place in Japan for 2 weeks on PS4 for crying out loud.

BattleAxe1093d ago

Looks like the Japanese don't know a great game when they see one :p

sonarus1093d ago

I am just curious to see how this game will do on PS4 next yr. If it does very poorly i doubt anyone will be doing any timed exclusive deals any time soon

mark_parch1093d ago

so many people missing out on one of the best games of the year. shame

ShottyGibs1093d ago

Honestly there's so little Xbox here in Japan I'm surprised it's 22nd.

rocketpanda1093d ago

@Battleaxe and mark_parch:

Maybe Japanese gamers don't need to invest in a dying system in their territory and seeing as the game is timed exclusive they certainly can play it at another point. Honestly seeing as Fallout 4 and Battlefront just came out, nobody is missing on anything at this point, everyone has something to play without sounding like console elitist boneheads.

alti1093d ago

that's not saying enough. They mix like titanium and cotton.

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lvl_headed_gmr1093d ago

It's Japan. Xbox consoles have NEVER sold well in Japan. This is pretty common knowledge at this point.

it's also pretty obvious that if there are low console sales then there would have to be low game sales since you need consoles in order to play console games on them.

I would argue that Tomb Raider sales are great in Japan, it's just the console sales that are poor.

showtimefolks1093d ago

i know people don't like hearing this but here goes

xbox fans only buy shooters and almost same goes for playstation. but on playstation the same fans also support niche or titles which aren't shooters.

sunset overdrive on ps4 would have sold atleast 3 plus million, lifetime sales would be closer to 5

forza horizon 2 and forza 6, how is it that one GT game has outsold almost the whole forza series?

if i was running ms and we wanted to compete i would make sure my console had a lot of shooters, simple as that

i know i know i don't know nothing but sales data from all these games prove a legit point. i am so pissed at sunset overdrive not being on ps4 because insomniac has a huge fanbase on playstation

Kribwalker1093d ago

There's all the proof you need that Xbox gamers only buy shooters smh

Max-Zorin1093d ago

Xbox fans only buy shooters? I didn't know Metal Gear fans were so stereotypical.

PhucSeeker1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Not xbox owners's fault. It's xbox's for not making more diverse catalog of games. And the real problem is that the heads at xbox don't know good game when they see it. I mean they turned Heavy Rain away ffs.

Gwynbleidd1093d ago

What a biased comment. You can not generalize that. Halo 5 is the only shooter I played this year.
My favorite games this year have been The Witcher 3, Shadow of Mordor GOTYE and Forza 6.
I don't get how people come to the conclusion that there are only shooters on Xbox, cause when I look at my game library I can't see that!

showtimefolks1093d ago

look guys and gals, i am not singling out anyone. we the core gamers who visit gaming sites daily will support games of all kinds. but it's the vast majority that don't visit gaming sites and buy games from watch TV ads or what their friends are playing

i don't think it's anyone's fault but early on ms wanted xbox to be the frat boy console, dudebro as they call it.

as much as we think we matter we really don';t, core gamers make up for such a small number of overall fanbase

so i am sure the gamers support many different gaming experiences

DLConspiracy1093d ago

So do PS players only enjoy JRPGs? Saying "xbox fans only buy shooters" is a rather generalized statement. Especially when the majority of the big shooters sell better on PS4 now. Clearly shooters are just a popular type of game in general. I think it's a bit unfair to generalize people who own a console.

Perhaps because Halo started a huge push for console multiplayer fps. It may lean that way. Doesn't mean people don't support any other type games on Xbox. Or PS for that matter.

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LackTrue4K1093d ago

In other words,

"PlayStation 4 version was pushed forward in it's release date"

showtimefolks1093d ago

I have nothing but questions when it comes to square/ms partnership and the exclusive window

how much did square get paid?

will this game sell when it launches on ps4/pc? will the gamers in 2016 be willing to pay full price for a year old game?

my guess is MS paid minimum 6-8 million sales covert up(because that's how much it could have sold on ps4/pc)

i don't see this selling really well, i think many gamers will pass on it till it becomes much cheaper. some will buy it used to no give their money to square

this is pretty much the last 3rd party exclusive that will sign with ms imo, yes i know ms has the money but passing on so many potential sales, i don't know if many publishers will be willing to sacrifice so much

let's say a big 3rd party game is something ms is looking to secure for 2016, if i am a 3rd party publishers i have to seriously consider the fact that ps4 could be be passed 42-45 million consoles by next fall

first it was titanfall and EA learned quick enough

now after this whole poor selling with tomb raider, i think it's safe to assume other publishers paying close attention

my biggest thing is with MS

where is the advertisement for tomb raider? better yet where is the advertisement for halo 5?

Losso-Oso1093d ago

I have a theory about that. Microsoft didn't really care about the sales of ROtTR, they just wanted another game in a different genre to bolster up their "Xbox one has the best line up in the history of Xbox" this holiday season.

They used RotTR as a sacrificial lamb in order to make that boast. It was all for the marketing and positioning of the brand, not the game itself.

It would seem that even for the games that Microsoft has the marketing deal with, games like Fifa, Madden, AC:U and so on, their PS4 counterparts still obliterate them in sales.

And rumor has it that Fallout 4 is no different. Last gen, Microsoft was able to rely on third party marketing deals to give the appearance of diversity of games on their console.

This gen the trend has completely reversed, and what's worse, even when they get the marketing deal, or timed exclusivity, the PS4 version of said game still outsells the XO version of it (excluding RotTR since it's only available on XO).

I personally know people that own both consoles and use EA access as an extended demo. They forgo the 5 buck or however much it is discount to buy whatever game digitally on XO, and will go buy the physical disc for PS4.

When I got Battlefront on launch, everyone in the store that had both consoles was doing that exact same thing, they play it for ten hours on XO, made a decision on the game, then went out and got the PS4 version.

Digital sales is not an excuse with how poorly some games are selling on the XOne, most surveys, recent ones by the way, along with NPD and all other forms of metrics we have, still say the 70-80% of gamers still purchase their games physically. So if the trend holds true, then we can easily calculate how much the digital moves.

This gen will be an extremely interesting study on how two different companies in the same industry react to the same problem.

We saw Sony react to the PS3s launch issues by basically doubling down on the exclusives front. By reaching out to 3rd parties, and not buying timed exclusivity, but by offering incredible support on how to program for the PS3.

3rd parties responded with support for the PS3, and Sony delivered a wide spread of high quality AAA exclusives.

Now we're seeing Microsoft's turn at bat, and they've done some things differently and better in my opinion, but they seem to be having less of an impact and effect.

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DARKKENT1094d ago

Well At least tomb raider ranked!!! Could have been worse...

Zizi1094d ago

The timed exclusivity is actually a bad choice. Tomb Raider has always been on PlayStation since the beginning.

If it were released on PS4 today, it would sell much better, I guess.

Lennoxb631094d ago

Tomb Raider was not on PS from the beginning.

NotAFanboyyy1094d ago

Pretty sure it was. It launched on PC, Saturn and PS1 and Sony secured exclusivity rights for future installments, making it a console exclusive.

2pacalypsenow1094d ago

Um yes it was it was on Playstation, Sega Saturn, and PC. But it was made popular on Playstation

Septic1094d ago

Tomb Raider was on PS but then Sony bought the exclusivity for it (which many people forgot about when asking to boycott the game when MS did the same, albeit a timed one!)

Death1094d ago

Tomb Raider released Oct 25, 1996 in EU on the Sega Saturn. Nov 14, 1996 seen the release in NA on the Saturn as well as the release for Playstation and PC in NA and EU. It didn't hit Japan until early 1997 and was first on the Saturn there too.

The Saturn might be the console that seen the release first, but Playstation is the console more associated with the series since it had much higher sales. The series also pushed GPU sales on PC where it was very popular.

Thatguy-3101094d ago

The IP is associated with the Playstation brand.

Godmars2901094d ago

At the time, before some here were even born its odd to say, PC was both an open and minor platform. So buying exclusivity for what became the first game in a series wasn't that big a deal. To a degree it was even beneficial, brought more notoriety to the game, versus now when multiple systems are popular and TR is an established if rebooted franchise. Using exclusivity as a tact to generate/suggest console dominance is pointless, especially when considering that its limited and the title in question needs more rather than less accessibility.

What's going on with SFV is no better, but at least there there's more of a question of the publisher needing the additional support from the console maker in order to get the game out sooner than it might have been. And where TR had already been confirmed SFV's production was more a rumor.

TheColbertinator1093d ago

I have Tomb Raider on Saturn so thats true.

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migh_and_highty1094d ago

There's no doubt about that. Software sales have been a beast on PS4, and the market for PS4-gamers tend to prefer a greater variety of games including action third person. There's no winner in this deal. Square got their money but probably hurt the tomb raider franchise and the trust they built with playstation fans, and microsoft got their exclusive but it didn't do anything significant for their console that you'd expect of a major-named third-party AAA exclusive

Professor_K1093d ago

sold more on ps=/= ps associated

may I add the ps1 had a very large intall base so bringing up sales is kinda pointless. So no, not a ps game

spicelicka1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

I highly doubt that has anything to do with it. Most of xbox gamers were either too young then or owned a playstation anyway since there was no xbox, meaning there are plenty of Tomb Raider fans on xbox. Not to mention majority of players that like Tomb Raider now don't like it because they were fans from 20 years ago, they like it because it's such a good game.

I don't understand why people consider this a valid reason to assume it would do better on PS, it was almost 2 decades ago!

The real reason it would do well is the population, there are a lot more PS4 owners out there and statistically that's why it would do well on it.

JasonKCK1093d ago

Times change get over it.

Spotie1092d ago

That's such an ignorant comment.

Things are always changing. And when people don't like how those things change, they do something about it. Then things change again.

This has shown itself to be a pretty poor choice; you think SE's gonna make such a deal in the future? Not likely.

And guess why: because people didn't just "get over it."

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FallenAngel19841094d ago

I really don't get what Square Enix was thinking by making a title as massive as this an Xbox timed exclusive, but you reap what you sow

81BX1094d ago

Yeah theyre reaping that cash MS paid them. Also didnt ms help with the 1st one? Not 100% on that. Its going to sell fine this holiday season.

Unreal011094d ago

No because it was also on PS4?

Also, this won't sell well. It will sell extremely poorly as a result of the exclusive Xbox deal, and releasing alongside Black Ops 3, Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront, what on earth were they thinking?!

If you think this game will sell well you're certainly in for a shock, it was practically DOA.

Death1094d ago

Uncharted 4 was originally slated for release during the same time frame. It made perfect sense to make it a timed exclusive since Uncharted would have had a very big impact on Tomb Raider sales. Unfortunately Uncharted missed it's release window and the exclusive wasn't really necessary. Either way, Microsoft partnered up with Square on the games development and PC and PS4 owners will have to wait till next year.

1093d ago
Death1093d ago


Uncharted 4 was announced as a PS4 exclusive for 2015 at E3 2014. This was the same show that announced Tomb Raider would be an Xbox exclusive for 2015. Every Uncharted has released in October or November including the Uncharted Collection this year. Rise of the Tomb Raider released November 10.

You can deny that U4 had nothing to do with the timed exclusive agreement. What you can't do is explain why the Capcom deal with Sony for SF5 that keeps the game off all other systems wouldn't be a "dick move" too. At least we all know Tomb Raider will come out for the PS4, can we say the same about SF5?

1093d ago
Death1093d ago

And Square Enix has stated Tomb Raider wouldn't have been the most it could be without the Microsoft partnership. Both companies stated their unique partnership made the games possible. Only SF5 was paid to stay off of Xbox One. SF5 is still going to PC so the argument that the investment is to keep it on PS4 only is a lie. Why would Sony pay to make a game for PC? It's the same bs by each company, but Sony's move is much more of a dick move since they weren't content with a timed exclusive.

1092d ago
Death1092d ago


Here's a quote from Phil Spencer on Tomb Raider, "We will clearly spend money on marketing the game, there's no doubt about that. And we do [that] on games where we have very little to do with development, and with games that we fully develop. And we will definitely be spending money on developing the game - I want to make sure that it's as great as it can be." Perhaps you should educate yourself so you can make a more informed opinion. Both companies invested in each games development. The only difference is the Sony deal also keeps SF5 from ever going to the Xbox.

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TwoForce1093d ago

Because Microsoft want to have their own Uncharted game. That's why. I don't get it why they did this, how about making their own Uncharted instead making a deal.