Star Citizen Looks Gorgeous - New Screenshots From Upcoming 2.0 Alpha Version

DSOGaming writes: "Reddit's member 'Field_Marshal_Muzyk' has shared the following images from the upcoming 2.0 Alpha version of Star Citizen. And my God does this game look gorgeous."

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Dan_scruggs1117d ago

could use a bit more color. Too much brown and grey.

Enyxodin1117d ago

The real world is brown and grey..

Vlaitor1117d ago

Star Citizen lost so much hype, it's like a myth running in the old proxys of the internet. They had an opportunity to change things around and yet they haven't released anything official. What a pitty. So much public funding went into this.

Neixus1117d ago

They release news and stuff on their youtube page every week :p

Vlaitor1117d ago

I remember a year back and we were shown great gameplay footage and a lot of excitement. Even now with weekly news and update I still haven't touched the thing. I am really scared that they are trying to do something they can't achieve, too big, too visionary. I REALLY hope I'm wrong but now it's really hard to make me believe in a game that in stage 2.0 Alpha for some mystical reason.

_-EDMIX-_1117d ago

Do you buy games based on short term excitement or actually what they offer?

As it sounds like your saying short term excitement is more important then the actual product your excited for...

BrianOBlivion1116d ago

" it's like a myth running in the old proxys of the internet"
very poetic

sorane1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )


How did it lose any hype? It's about to break 100 million. You obviously haven't been following the game if you don't think they've released anything official. On top of the playable stuff already out they've released more footage than most games I can think of. They are very open with it's development. A day or two ago they had a big q&a and released all that amazing looking Mark Hamill footage that looked better than any other game out or announced. You don't seem to know how game development works so you should take some time and read about the process on the interwebz.

Vlaitor1117d ago

Quite aggressive? I base my experience of crowd funded project on actual game that came out. For exemple: Mechwarrior Online, Project Cars, Divinity Original Sin which all had more or less success upon their release. Star Citizen has beyond and above more than 10 times the money all those three titles had. It's been more than 3 years now that the project started and we are still far from a steady stage of release. Version 2.0 alpha really doesn't appeal me when it comes to marketing. It's not even technicaly correct if you're talking about Requirements and Development documants policies.

That being said. It's also getting late. You have to understand that they really need to get this game out soon enough because the player base is (sadly) moving to console. Look at Black Ops 3, it got less than 50 000 players on PC. It's a real shame and Star Citizen is a specific game that isn't for everyone. I don't think they will have the economical structure and power to keep that great industry Cloud Imperium Games has become.

Of course, I deeply hope it succeeds at its realease and have all the ressources to keep going for the players for years on end. But, I can't help but feel it's too big, too ambitious for a successful and integrate game that can generates money for that equal amount of time.

Sorry for my english :).

sorane1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

I'd love to hear why you think the player base for Star Citizen is moving to console. Like you're seriously using a CoD game to base your arguments on? Really? Those 2 games couldn't be on further sides of the spectrum. Funny how you skip over the 900k concurrent players that play CS:GO, the 600k+ playing DotA2, or the 8 million concurrent(yeah you heard that right) players of LoL all of which absolutely dwarf any console games. Looks like consoles are losing there players to PC to me since those are the stats you're basing it on. You also use 3 games with an infinitely smaller scale in the first paragraph. As I said in my first post you need to go read up on how game development works because you seriously have no clue. A game with these kind of graphics, scale, and ambition takes longer than your CoD or 8 hour generic linear cinematic tps game to make.

Vlaitor1117d ago

@sorane COD is a good reference when it comes to player base. It is one of the biggest franchise out there and it showed how much the diverse community are moving around. CS is probably the last refuge for the hardcore FPS competitive players so Its perfect to keep those numbers up for PC. MOBA games have a lot of players too, no question here, but I HIGHLY doubt Star Citizen is anywhere near their interests.

You have to understand @Sorane that, like I mention, Star Citizen is getting too big for it's own interest. Even huge f2p games have consoles version. WoT, War Thunder, WarFrame, BLR, etc. They know they can reach most of gamers of different ages and interest to get their platform running.

The few games that got a lot of games were Prison Architect (no where comparable) and Shemnue 3 (announced E3 this year). Again, Star Citizen has a lot more funding than those two.

Again, I want this game to succeed, but it needs the press, the insurance they can get things rolling for a while and absolutely KNOW their public interest and requirements. Otherwise it's going to be a massive Battleship without water.

Apples and Oranges.

sorane1117d ago


No CoD is definitely not a good reference to player base for PC and I'm not sure why you would ever think that. Why would most PC players buy that same old rehashed yearly game when there are much much better alternatives. Only thing that shows is that PC players are much smarter since they know to stay away from that crap. Of course the perfect metric for proving that PC gamers aren't moving to consoles are all the steam user records that just getting bigger and bigger. How could they get bigger when you say the player base is shrinking?

I don't even understand your second paragraph. First you say it's getting to big(it's not), and then you say it needs to get even bigger with a console version? Sorry that's not gonna happen. Those games you listed have nothing in common with Star Citizen. It's not trying to reach kids of all ages it's trying to reach the hardcore high end PC crowd which it has done in spades. If they wanted to reach kids they'd make a mindless CoD game, generic linear tps, or an interactive movie with lots of qtes.

Your third paragraph is just wrong. It has tons of press and the public they are going after has been very vocal about there interests. How do you think it became the "massive Battleship" as you say. The fanbase is there and getting bigger and bigger.

Vlaitor1117d ago

@Sorane. To finish, I'm exposing the fact that the game is big, really big, ambitious, brilliant. For that it needs it's bread to keep going forward and I have to be skeptical about that. I want it to be reasonable and broad so it gets enough support. It looks amazing and I really want it to be the next big thing in gaming. However, I don't want it to be a 1 month love story and then does nothing to improve itself and dies slowly. Worst yet, I don't want it to be a massive fail at release because it needs that TI in SLI to run it on medium.

If you are looking at the demographic: LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO, WoW, HeartStone, Guild Wars 2, Star Craft, World of Tanks. Those are the big league players nowadays on the PC and they are not the "hardcore high end PC crowd".

Of course, I might be deadly wrong, or sadly right when the game finally comes out and see how it does for itself. Anyway, have fun gaming and I am sure to keep my ears open on upcoming news about Star Citizen :).