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"Star Wars Battlefront is at times a Schrodinger's cat of games, neither a Battlefront nor Battlefield, while simultaneously being somewhat both. With incredible visuals, music, and the help of some painstaking attention to detail the game feels as it is one of the best realized Star Wars games in recent memory. At the same time however it weird changes to formulas and a late game sense of want make Battlefront a great game that just needs more to it."

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RuleNumber51037d ago

Agree with this review. I think Battlefront got low-balled by some reviewers out there. This game is a helluva fun time.

Yomiro1037d ago

This game is pure simple fun....Sure, they are doing it. Microsoft needs Halo to sell good against Battlefront.

creeping judas1037d ago

I wasn't super impressed while I was playing Blast, but as soon as I switched over to Walker Assault my opinion of the game changed quickly. That mode is just bloody awesome!!

JoeMcCallister1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

Awesome to hear - as I said in the review I really think the options in the way of modes help the game quite a bit. I was so conflicted with the not so great and the super great in this game, but at the end of the day it's an awesome Star Wars game in my opinion.