Ranking every multiplayer mode in Star Wars Battlefront

EA and DICE's highly-anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront is released this week, and we've been playing a whole lot of it. The game depicts the classic struggle between the Rebellion and the Empire across maps based on four planets (with a fifth to join in a free update next month) in nine game modes of varying scale.

Each mode offers something different, drawing on inspiration from classic first person shooter game types and DICE's own Battlefield series. Which modes are the best though?

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creeping judas1120d ago

Walker Assault is just so much fun!!

mrmonk1120d ago

I would like to see conquest getting added in at some stage would be awesome..I'm not really a starwars fan but loving the game so far.

koolaid2511120d ago

That's what supremacy is lol

mrmonk1119d ago

O right I haven't tried that yet lol just been playing walker assault cheers I'll give it a go.

ArchangelMike1120d ago

Hero Hunt desperatly needs re-balancing. Firstly, they need to get rid of the kill counter. Secondly, the Heroes need to be seriously biffed up. You last about 10 seconds as a hero.

The game should instead be based on points scored. So for example, the damage points you in inflict on the heroes should count towards uour total score. Similarly instead of a kill count, this should be replaced by a score, e.g. 100 points a kill. Person with highest number of points wins.

This would mean that the grunts who inflict massive amounts of damage on the Heroes still have a chance of winning.