How Being a New Mum Ruined Fallout 4 For Me

WASDuk Writes" While I was pregnant the one question on everyone’s lips was, “will you still play video games around her?” now that she’s here I get asked, “will you let her play video games?” and now that Fallout 4 is here, a game which casts you as a parent desperately searching for their child, the number one question I’ve been asked over the last week is, “did being a new mum change the way you played Fallout 4?” And without having to think about it I can easily say that it did, and quite drastically so."

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Simco8761092d ago

I have two toddler daughters and the story is pretty sad, but the brotherhood and minutemen need me. This isn't a real life situation, I would be making my way to Diamond city in a heartbeat...but as of right now. Haven't even made it there. Shaun is my son's name right?

SolidGear31091d ago

Which is funny because my name is Shaun so I named my character Shaun and found out afterwards that the babies name is Shaun, lol. Very unusual since nobody here in America spells it Shaun and Bethesda is in Maryland, lol.

Wallow1092d ago

There was something similar to this on the fallout forums recently. Before it was locked. Though the topic is the marriage in fallout.

Arkworthy1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

I find this kind of weird. It's 1950's Americana before the war, isn't it? You wouldn't find homosexual marriages there. It doesn't fit the stereotype of 1950's America.

Wallow1091d ago

You've got a point there. I also think population is kind of important in fallout.
However...I think Fallout throws most of the 50's real world American stereotypes out the window. Since you know its 2077 not 1950.
Plus there's a literal lesbian couple in the same neighborhood.
I don't know why they chose it as a story purpose but I'm sure it wasn't out of ill intent.
Can't say I don't care cause I do but it's done. Used to it by now. It will another 50 years till I think it will be on a standard "normal".

Arkworthy1091d ago

It was VERY weird to me in New Vegas, because it seemed like half the population was gay. Made me wonder how they managed to get around to that all-important procreation business.

I guess it might just be that I noticed it more in NV because it was ham-fisted as hell. Seems a lot more subtle in F4, or at least not dealt with as though it were written by giggly kids.

I don't quite understand the anger over the slight amount of backstory the SS has, or over being in a heterosexual relationship. It fits the setting really well, and gives the player extra motivation. Sexuality plays (or at least should play) a pretty small role in the game overall, so it's only really those obsessed with sexual identity that seem to be hung up on it.