Digital Chumps Review: Siren Blood Curse

Steven McGehee reports:

''Siren was originally released for the PS2 by Sony's Japan Studio is 2003. It was fairly well received, with a nod to the stealth-horror gameplay and intriguing story and developed characters, but at the same time lamented for several of its glaring gameplay shortcomings. Three years later, the sequel was released outside of the US, and now, the third Siren game, Blood Curse, has made its way the PS3 via download on the PSN. Spread across twelve episodes, this new Siren story takes place many years after the first one, but in the same cursed Japanese village. This time around players take the role of a new cast of characters, whose fates and paths are intertwined during several days of hell in this remote Japanese village.''

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Vicophine3781d ago

I imported the BD version, this game is a solid 8.75/10.

somethingSQUISHY3781d ago

Did you get it from Japan (off of PlayAsia I assume)? How much did you pay?

DrakenSilverwing3781d ago

Ordered the Asian version which has both japanese and english languages.. i think i paid like 63$ after shipping.., i can't wait to get it!

NanoGeekTech3781d ago

I downloaded the american version....the Japanese version looks better......graphic wise. but all text are in japanese.

Not a bad game....I give it a 8/10 so far...

Baba19063781d ago

this is how a survival horror game should be. i think only resident evil 1 and silent hill 1 and 2 did acomplish this. you really feel like you have to survive a horror and not like an action game or something else. best horror game i have played in a long time. i dont get how some sites give this game such low scores.

nycredude3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

The sites giving this game very low scores probably had someone who don't like survival horror games review the game. These types of games are an aquired taste and may turn off some people who are squeamish. Take condemned 2 for example, I know several people who couldn't finish that game even if I paid them to play it!

Edit: I checked the reviews; bad reviews were by the usual suspects, one of which was submitted by you very "Bloodmask", go figure.