Criterion has “no plans” to bring Burnout Revenge to Xbox One backwards compatibility

Criterion has said that they will not add Xbox One backward compatibility support to Burnout Revenge.

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Marcello1094d ago

Nnnnoooooooooooo !!!! Are you kidding me Criterion ???

DARKKENT1094d ago

Wonder how many other companies are going to deny xbox BC?

Cannot see a reason why Criterion said no

Meatyboy1094d ago

I thought criterion had disbanded anyway. I hope I'm wrong tho

UltraNova1094d ago

Criterion: " “no plans” to bring Burnout Revenge to Xbox One backwards compatibility"

Burnout Revenge Xb1 BC CONFIRMED!

What? I speak Corporate ;-)

DeadlyFire1094d ago

Indeed Meatyboy. A piece of the team + the original creators moved on to a new studio. They are creating a new car IP I believe.

Sciurus_vulgaris1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

It would technically be up to EA; they own Criterion and the Burnout IP.

Why o why1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

How about burnout paradise. . . .My favorite burnout


I see paradise has been confirmed. . Odd they're not releasing all iterations

Bigpappy1094d ago

There is no good reason for this. If people already own the games, why deny them the choice to play it where ever it would play. I hope they are not thinking I will by the remake later. Same goes for Take Two.

Hoffmann1094d ago

Criterion does not even have the rights for BurnOut anymore (they belong to EA).

DeadlyFire1094d ago

Criterion itself belongs to EA....

The creators of Burnout did start a new offshoot studio outside of EA's realm though. Not sure what its called. Its exists.

OhMyGandhi1094d ago

oh they think it alright.
And you will.

Bigpappy1093d ago

Funny... Wish I could add to your bubbles.

TWB1094d ago

They said the same about remasters AFAIK so dont expect a remaster collection of any sort.

Malokii1094d ago

Good that i still have original Xbox !

retrogamer091094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

This is a travesty. The publisher and the dev has to literally only give MS the ok to run the game on XB1 and they're denying it? For what reason exactly? THE GAME IS DONE SELLING. It's not going to sell you any more copies on 360. What's the point of this bullcrap? Tired of this anti consumer garbage with these publishers. I bought the damn game on 360 and theres a legal way from a multibillion dollar company for me to play the game I purchased, for full price might I add, on my Xbox One and you're denying that for what? What could possibly be the reason for this? Criterion instead of pulling crap like this how about not shipping rubbish games like NFS Rivals.

This is just as anti consumer as you can get and the fact that the dude on twitter had the balls to just casually say hey we're not gonna make it BC without giving any logical reason is ridiculous. There's no reason why there wasn't at the very least 300 to 400 360 games available at launch. Just zero reason. Makes no sense economically, makes no sense on a corporate level to deny these games to a system with zero piracy, and most of all it makes no sense to crap on loyal consumers. Such a great feature being ruined by greedy devs and publishers and another reason why native BC is so important. Criterion thanks for showing your true colors and I'll be buying your games used from now on.

spicelicka1094d ago

This is can only help them since they're already bringing Burnout paradise to xbox one, and according to rumours working on a new burnout. Why they'd do this I don't understand.

But from the actual tweet they're not saying it won't happen. They literally said "no plans right now", I don't really consider that a negative confirmation.

retrogamer091094d ago

My question is where's the downside to it? Literally where do they get hurt in this? They don't have to port the game or use any man power. Simply give them permission legally to emulate it and that's it. If anything the game would actually begin to sell again on XB1.

mhunterjr1094d ago

Silly. I'd buy burnout digitally the moment they let this one fly... It would be a create way to guage interest in the franchise.

Just dumb

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