Warner Bros Disappoints PC Gamers Once Again

MWEB GameZone writes: "Unfortunately for PC gamers, Warner Bros have now taken a (hopefully) final elbow to the face of the PC gaming crowd by again not delivering on what they said they would, SLI and Crossfire support.

Why can't PC gamers just get a break...?"

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FasterThanFTL11121d ago

WB elbowed themselves more than anyone else and have lost millions of potential sales of all their published games on PC.

uth111121d ago

Which will only continue the cycle. Because their current games didn't sell well on pc, they won't invest the money to optimize on PC properly in future games.

FasterThanFTL11121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Dying Light, Mad Max and all their LEGO games have had excellent PC versions. The only two games that were bad on PC this at launch this year were Mortal Kombat X and Batman Arkham Knight and even they are now fixed to acceptable PC standards but people stopped caring and have already moved on to games that actually give a crap about PC and they are not going to be a shortage of those games or companies anytime soon. For every 1 bad port there are 10 that work great.

BVFTW1121d ago

They publish games from other studios, I won't shut the door on them, I'll won't pre-order games from WB because of the last two games fiasco but I'll give them a chance, if their next game manage to catch my attention I'll wait 1-2 months after it launches just to be sure, that means I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, I might still buy their games but I won't pre-order or buy them day 1.

Vegamyster1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

"Because their current games didn't sell well on pc, they won't invest the money to optimize on PC properly in future games."

Arkham Asylum
Sales: 2,271,882

Batman: Arkham City
Sales: 2,667,970

Batman: Arkham Origins
Sales: 1,608,145

Arkham Knight
Sales: 458,781 <-- pretty good for a terrible port.

Dying Light
Sales: 933,637

Shadow of Mordor
Sales: 1,567,957

Mad Max
Sales: 418,111

Sales look pretty good to me.

slappy5081121d ago

So meh, because of this I must either choose running at higher resolution ultra for locked 30 fps, or lower graphics options 60 frames. Whilst I was happy with Mad Max, Im reluctant to buy any future WB releases on PC again