New Dissidia: Final Fantasy Gameplay Trailer Shows Zidane from Final Fantasy IX in Action

Square Enix is continuing its series of Dissidia: Final Fantasy trailers in preparation of the game’s relase on November 26th.

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PhoenixUp1039d ago

Seeing Zidane on full HD glory is awesome

Kalebninja1039d ago

I never understood why every main character in numbered final fantasy games uses a sword regardless of time period.

sonerone1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

Zidane has dagger

Kalebninja1039d ago

blades whatever, same thing, they all use a bladed weapon.

alti1038d ago

you can't take it back now. Live by the word, die by the word.

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Relientk771039d ago

Love Final Fantasy IX, all these years later I still think Zidane looks like a girl lol. Zidane is awesome though

thejigisup1038d ago

Ffix it's the best ff all around. Zidane had a super fun personality and I can't wait to try him out when I pick this game up