BioShock Creator’s Next Game “Highly Creative and Innovative”

The creator of Bioshock and System Shock Ken Levine revealed that his next game will be very character driven. He desires to make characters more believable by concentrating on their “needs, passions and wants”.

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Big_Game_Hunters1091d ago

Can't wait to see the official reveal at the game awards.

DarkOcelet1091d ago

So does that mean The Black Glove is officially canned? Because it looked like it had potential.

They haven't talked about that game for a while.

On topic: I cant wait to see it.

1091d ago
G20WLY1091d ago

You owe me a Vita game Ken. Pull your finger out, there's a good chap! ;^)

AstroCyborg1091d ago

will it be bioshock for the vita LOL

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