The Crew: Wild Run review | MMGN

MMGN: Wild Run undoubtedly improves The Crew, which after a year of updates is a much more rounded experience than the uncooked launch last year. The new bikes are the best handling vehicle class in the game, and the new challenges added by the Summit focus on what The Crew does best. It still has a rubbish story that feels compelled to continue, and the handing of cars isn’t quite right for an arcade racer; though, is much better than it was. Ultimately Wild Run will be welcomed with a loving embrace by the small, but passionate, fanbase that’s stuck with it, but the expensive price tag will deter former players from returning.

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kraenk121119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

I don't know...despite the mediocre graphics The Crew for me was more of an NFS Underground/original Most Wanted successor than any NFS after those games. I had fun with the game and the story still was better than this shit the new NFS tried on us.

twiggytree121116d ago

To me it feels like Forza Horizon 2 meets NFS Underground 2. I have had a good time playing it so far, Just picked it up this weekend.